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Grading the Panthers' Selection of Beau Sandland

With their final pick of the 2016 draft the Panthers went with offense, selecting tight end Beau Sandland from Montana St.

For this draft pick by the Carolina Panthers, and all selections from this point forward, we will be breaking the move down into four categories. Each category is worth up to 25 points and a final grade will be handed out based on the total score. These are the definitions of each category:

Player- How has the player produced to this point in his career? Where does he rank among other players at his position?

Team Fit- How does he fit within the offensive or defensive scheme?

Team Need- Is this position a weak spot on the roster? Does this move strengthen the position?

Draft Value- Where did the player get drafted? Where was he projected to go?



Grade: 22 out of 25

The Panthers finally went offense with their final pick of the draft by selecting Beau Sandland out of Montana St.

Sandland is compared to many as being a Greg Olsen-like receiver who can do it all well. He’s got adequate size and speed to play tight end in the NFL and overall is a quality tight end that can make plays in the passing game and help out in the run game.

Going from Junior College to Miami to Montana St. was a strange college career but Sandland’s talent is enticing and should fit the Panthers offense well.


Team Fit

Grade: 23 out of 25

The way that Sandland plays has been described by some as being similar to the Panthers own Greg Olsen so the rookie should have no issues fitting into the Carolina offense.

The Panthers like tight ends who can block and help out in the run game as well as being a threat through the air and Sandland fits that bill to a T with his combination of size and speed.


Team Need

Grade: 21 out of 25

While there was no immediate need to grab a tight end or any offense playmakers really, it doesn’t hurt to have as many options as possible.

Sandland will come in and compete with the current backups Ed Dickson and Scott Simonson to make the roster behind Olsen. With the team already having these two options, Sandland may wind up as a practice squad player this season to hopefully take over in the future.


Draft Value

Grade: 24 out of 25

In terms of draft value, Sandland was likely to be a late round selection and the Panthers grabbed him with the next to last pick in the draft at 252.’s Lance Zierlein projected him to be a fifth or sixth round selection so by that ranking the Panthers got a solid value on their final pick. In a relatively weak tight end class, Sandland was seen to be one of the better ones so selecting him this late was a solid move.


Final Grade

Grade: 90 out of 100

The Panthers’ move to snatch up a backup tight end with their last pick was a solid one. Sandland has qualities that make him an all-around good tight end and one that could develop into being the future starter at the position.

A weak tight end class behind Hunter Henry made Sandland one of the better options and getting him late in the seventh was a good move by Carolina. His abilities to stretch the field and stay in line to block make him a similar talent to a tight end who’s worked out quite well already in Carolina.

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