Panthers Support NFL Decision

Panthers kicker John Kasay didn't have to look far to understand just what the New York Giants are feeling this week.

As the Panthers player rep, Kasay participated on the conference call Wednesday night that helped sway the players towards postponement of this weekend's games. On that call, Kasay says the Giants' and Jets' were very influential in getting the others to understand just how they felt about the prospect of playing games this week.

Kasay noted that the Giants in particular have been effected by this weeks' events, in that their practice facility overlooks the area of Manhatten where the damage was done.

"All they have to do is look out their window or walk out on the field and where the Twin Towers were, they are no more. All they see is dust and smoke."

As Kasay said that, he looked up at the Charlotte skyline, which towers over the Panthers practice facility and Ericsson Stadium, "the thing that really hit me and helped me to put us in their shoes was the way that we're able to see the skyline here."

The Panthers never took a vote as to whether or not they should play, but, Kasay noted that there were players on both sides of the issue. But, with the league decision having been announced, there is unity all around.

Tight end Wesley Walls, in particular, is just glad the decision has been made, "it's been mentally draining, wondering if we were going to play. It's hard enough getting ready, but with all this...

This is a time for mourning and now that we know we're not going to play we can focus our attention totally on what we can do to help."

PAW PRINTS: With the postponement, the Panthers home opener is now pushed back to September 29th when they host Green Bay. Their next game will be in Atlanta, and it will be interesting to see if the team opts to ride busses instead of flying (which they usually do). Atlanta is less than a 4-hour trip down I-85.

During practice this week, running back Tshimanga Biakabutuka continued to work with the first unit. That is in line with George Seifert's comments on Monday when he indicated he would not be inclined to make a change there. Biakabutuka lost a fumble during the Minnesota win, rookie Nick Goings got the bulk of the playing time the rest of the game.

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