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Carolina Panthers: Franchise Records That Could Be Broken in 2016

The Carolina Panthers had a record setting season last year, winning 15 regular season games, which was a franchise high. This season there are three players who are within striking distance of breaking four franchise career records.

Career Passing Yards

Current Record Holder: Jake Delhomme (2003-2009)

Current Record: 19,258 passing yards

Player Who Could Break Record: Cam Newton

Yards Needed in 2016: 996 passing yards

The current leader in career passing yards for the Carolina Panthers is Jake Delhomme, who was the only starting quarterback for the Panthers to play in a Super Bowl before last season. The other quarterback is the one who is on pace to break Delhomme's record, Cam Newton.

Newton is coming off one of his best passing seasons since his rookie season when he threw for 4,051 passing yards. This past year he threw for 3,837 yards and had three games in the regular season with over 300 passing yards. 

This is one record that could fall rather early in the season as it took Newton five games last year to cross the 996 mark.

Career Passing Touchdowns

Current Record Holder: Jake Delhomme (2003-2009)

Current Record: 120 passing touchdowns

Player Who Could Break Record: Cam Newton

Touchdowns Needed in 2016: 4 passing touchdowns

This is once again another record that should fall early in the season, and realistically could happen in the opening game of the regular season against the Denver Broncos. Newton had a career high 35 passing touchdowns last year and five games where he threw five or more touchdowns.

Career Rushing Yards

Current Record Holder: DeAngelo Williams (2006-2014)

Current Record: 6,846 rushing yards

Player Who Could Break Record: Jonathan Stewart

Yards Needed in 2016: 1,033 rushing yards

This is one record that will most likely take almost the entire season and will be broken in the final weeks of the regular season. For Stewart to break DeAngelo Williams' record he will need to do something that he has only done once in his career and hasn't happened since 2009. He will need to rush for over 1,000 yards next year.

Last year, Stewart had a great chance to do this and fell just 11 yards short of the benchmark with 989 rushing yards. However, he did miss three games due to injury and if he had played a full 16-game regular season would have run for 1,217 yards. 

If he can stay healthy, this is another record that should be broken in 2016.

Career Sacks

Current Record Holder: Julius Peppers (2002-2009)

Current Record: 81.0 sacks

Player Who Could Break Record: Charles Johnson

Sacks Needed in 2016: 18.0 sacks

Of all the records in this article, this is the most likely to remain after the 2016 season. Charles Johnson has been an excellent pass rusher for the Panthers for a number of years however he has never registered more than 12.5 sacks in a season.

Johnson is also coming off one of his career worst seasons with only one sack during the regular seasons. He did however register three sacks during their playoff run and if he can stay healthy he has the potential to register double digit sacks.

*Records courtesy of the 2016 NFL Record and Fact Book

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