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Panthers Bring Will Beatty in for Workout

The Carolina Panthers are always looking for ways to improve their roster and on Wednesday brought offensive tackle Will Beatty in for a workout, according to a report.

The Carolina Panthers are quickly approaching the date where they have to cut the roster from 90 players down to 75 however they are still looking for ways to improve the roster. On Wednesday, according to a report by Tom Rock of Newsday, the Panthers brought in William Beatty for a tryout.

The former New York Giant tackle is coming off a torn pectoral and a torn rotator cuff injury but has been given a clean bill of healthy by his doctor, Dr. Frank Cordasco.

“He looks fabulous, he looks great. He’s done very, very well and I think he’ll contribute to a team. Obviously it remains to be seen which team, but I fully expect him back and contributing on an offensive line.”

As Rock notes, Beatty has a few other suitors including the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have offered him a contract, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who have question marks at the position with a potential suspension of Lane Johnson.

The Panthers though would be looking for Beatty as additional depth at the tackle position behind starters Michael Oher and Mike Remmers. Currently, the team has only David Foucalt as their second string left tackle and Daryl Williams as the backup at right tackle.

There is most likely some concern here, especially since Ron Rivera recently was asked if Williams was developing like he would hope and he said, "Honestly, no."

In June, Beatty was identified as a potential free agent target for the Panthers, and at that time I wrote about a potential signing:

The fact that Beatty is coming off an injury, he may be willing to sign a one-year deal. This would give him an additional year to really strengthen the muscle and it would provide the Panthers a reliable, veteran backup if needed.

This is another signature low-risk, with the potential of high-reward type deal that this front office continues to make. As long as Beatty proves he is healthy, and is willing to be a back-up, this would be an excellent move for the Panthers.

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