Cam Newton takes hit to head, then gets flagged for taunting

Should two flags have been thrown on this scramble by Cam Newton?

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton was flagged for taunting in the first half after a scramble against Washington during the Panthers' 26-15 road win on Monday Night Football. 

Throwing a ball at a player after the whistle, as Newton did, invariably draws a flag, but should Redskins linebacker Trent Murphy's hit to Newton's head also been punished by officials?

Watch the play and judge for yourself. Newton called Murphy's tackle "questionable" after the game, but also took responsibility for the taunting.

"I've got to be better than that," Newton said of the ball-throwing incident. "That just can't happen on my part. I just have to let the referees do their job, and obviously, it was a questionable hit, but I can't throw the ball at a person. That's against the rules too."


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