Panthers to Get Airborne

After giving serious consideration to bussing the 4 hours down I-85 to Atlanta, the Panthers have decided to fly. There were some concerns about some logistical problems associated with flying in light of last weeks' events, but they have calmed and the team will take the charter airplane to Atlanta as they usually do.

The running back spot still promises to be an interesting one, as coach George Seifert, as of Thursday, still wouldn't totally lock Tshimanga Biakabutuka into the starting spot. What he did say was that Biakabutuka would be the likely starter. Seifert also expects to give Biakabutuka and rookie Nick Goings the same kind of playing time they got in the opener at Minnesota. That would mean another big chunk of time for the rookie, as he saw the bulk of the action after Biakabutuka lost a fumble inside the 10.

Richard Huntley's status is also an interesting, yet unanswered question. Huntley says he's ready to see his first action (pre-season included), as he's coming back from a hamstring injury. Seifert has yet to come close to assuring Huntley of any playing time at all.

Two Panthers definately out this week: safety Mike Minter (knee) and wide receiver Patrick Jeffers (knee).

We wrote last week about Jason Peter and the fact he had some friends missing in the World Trade Center attack. One is still missing and presumed dead, the other is okay, having been fired from his job on Monday. That is truly one instance in which being fired was a good thing (how many times has the employer told you that just trying to make themselves feel good?)

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