Another Change at Running Back?

One week ago, Tshimanga Biakabutuka, plagued with fumblitis was running with the scout team. Sunday against Green Bay, he was inactive. Suddenly, he's back with the first unit. Or at least he was at Wednesday's practice.

Does this mean Biakabutuka will start at San Francisco Sunday night?

"I don't know for sure," says coach George Seifert, "we'll work our way through this week and then make our decision."

From Biakabutuka's standpoint, it has the appearance of good news. "That's an indication I'm going to suit up and play in the game, but the rest will be determined at gametime."

Biakabutuka has been spending some extra time at practice working on holding onto the ball, following costly fumbles at Minnesota and Atlanta (not to mention in the pre-season as well). He's still trying to keep a positive frame of mind. "Whatever reps they give me, I'm going to show up. I'm just taking the same approach, I've gopt to develope confidence in George to let me play out there."

Just so San Francisco doesn't spend this week preparing for just Biakabutuka, Seifert was also running both Nick Goings and Richard Huntley on some of the first team plays as well. And, Seifert is not discounting the possiblity of having all three active Sunday night.

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