Dwan Thomas: A football player with a big heart

Player Profile: Dwan Thomas

In today's football you can't measure a football player with just his height and weight you have to look at his heart. Heart is what Dwan Thomas from Johnson C. Smith has, he only stands 5-7 and weights 170 pounds but he has a huge heart and love of the game of football.

"When people see me they don't show me a lot of respect because I'm only 5-7, but I don't look at the height factor, I love the game and I have been playing it all my life," said Thomas. "My coach is high school always told me that I had a big heart and was a hard worker even when we where losing. Size doesn't matter to me because pound for pound I'm the strongest guy on my team."

Thomas not only is strong who bench presses 345 pounds and does over 20 reps of 225 but he is fast and has been timed at 4.35 in the 40, according to the Johnson C. Smith staff and he also has a 39" vertical jump. Thomas is the team's leading receiver with 26 catches for 473 yards (18.2 yards per catch) and eight touchdowns and plays on most of the special teams units. He has an extra burst of speed in the open field and is very quick and elusive once he has the ball in his hands. Despite his diminutive stature, he is not afraid to make plays post catch, as a receiver.

"I think that my biggest asset is my quickness, plus that I'm strong and that helps as well," said Thomas. "I would also say that my size is an asset because I have the quickness to hit a hole and get in a crack in the return wedge that a guy bigger then me couldn't."

This year we have seen small guys make big impacts in the NFL like Chiefs return man Dante Hall who is only slightly bigger then Thomas at 5-8 187 pounds. But Thomas knows that he has things to work on and he is only going to get one shot to impress the NFL scouts.

"There are things that I need to improve on such as running routes, being a better blocker, and understanding the game better. I would really love to find someone that could teach me how to watch film and how to break down game film better," said Thomas. "I have come so far from high school where I was the ninth best player in high school from the state of Florida where they bread football players. I know I'm only going to get a small shot to make it to the next level and I need to take advantage whenever I get to work out for an NFL scout. I going to work very hard to make sure that if a team gives me a chance that they will get a good football player."

Thomas plans to work out hard from now until his Pro Day at Johnson C. Smith. He is also trying to get permission to be able to work out at the University of Florida where his home is just around the corner from the school. He played two sports at Vanguard High (FL), played point guard for the Knights where his team won the League County and District Championships and was MVP of the basketball team. He was the #1 receiver in the state and had the fastest shuttle run in Clemson history, fastest 4x100 time in Vanguard history and 2nd in the state in the 4x100.

When NFL scouts see Dwan Thomas that shouldn't just look at how tall he is but his big heart, his love for the game and his willingness to do whatever to take to win.

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