CB Jimmy Landrom: A Cover Man

CB Jimmy Landrom: Player Profile

CB Jimmy Landrom is one of the best football players in Saint Francis University team history, he holds many of the school records, and he is the all-time leader in pass break-ups with 36 in his career and had 11 in one season. He is second in kick return yards for a career and first in punt return yards, and this is a guy who never even thought he would end up at Saint Francis out of high school since he signed with Bowling Green out of high school and then transferred to Saint Francis because he didn't feel it was a fit for him at Bowling Green.

"Since I'm from Michigan, I wanted to get a way from home, and Bowling Green was far enough away from home, but yet it was still close enough. But when I got there it wasn't what I thought it was going to be like so I had to leave," said Landrom. "But when I was there I got to play against some great young guys and one guy that I knew was going to be good was QB Josh Harris, I knew he was going to be something special and I wish things would have worked out but that wasn't the case."

Landrom has great size, and good speed at 5-11 200 pounds and is an aggressive cover corner who has pattern his game after Charles Woodson and Champ Bailey. Landrom is know for his press coverage and studying the offense in the film room.

"On the field my biggest strength in my mind is my press coverage, I get in the face and jam the receiver so I control where he is going on the field, so I don't have to guess but I know. I can play zone but I would rather play man to man. I watch a lot of film so I know what the offense is trying to, so when the wide receiver releases I know what the quarterback is looking to do with the ball," said Landrom. "I love to cover, and that is what I'm know for being a cover cornerback, but if you run the football I'll come up at tackle the running back."

Landrom who was a high school quarterback is a very good athlete and knows that he has things to work on to make it to the next level but he plans to do that and not disappoint whatever team he ends with.

"I know I need to work on my speed, because the NFL is a faster game then college, but I'm more quick then fast and I think that will help me. Everyone in the NFL is a good athlete so you have to be more aggressive. I also could get better on my run support and playing zone coverage since I played mostly man to man in college," said Landrom.

Landrom who had a problem with his hamstring this whole season and that limited him to playing in only 8 games. When he played he made plays and lead the team with 6 pass break-ups and was second on the team with two interceptions.

"My hamstring limited me this season, but it is 100 percent now, but I think it made me stronger, it showed me how much I had to work to be able to play," Landrom said.

Landrom who is done with his college career will now get ready for his NFL workouts, and his Pro Day at Saint Francis, and is training now. Landrom is willing to do whatever it takes to get a chance in the NFL, even if it is returning kicks and playing on special teams.

"If I need to return kicks in the NFL, I think I can do that, it is just something else that I can do it get my foot in the door, and play in the NFL," said Landrom.

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