One-on-One with WR Steve Smith

One-on-One with WR Steve Smith

Panther Insider: How big of a win was it to beat the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the Playoffs?

Steve Smith: This was a great win for this city this was a playoff game, and that's not about one play or one player. Winning this game was a tribute to our fans and to the two Carolinas. I celebrated with the fans because I appreciated them coming out and supporting us.

Panther Insider: How was this week of practice different then a regular season week to you?

Steve Smith: I tried to prepare for this game with more diligence, and I tried to be as intense as possible. I always try to play my hardest, but this time I wanted to play even harder than usual.

Panther Insider: Will you prepare any different this week preparing for the St. Louis Rams then you did last week?

Steve Smith: No, not really we just need to raise our play because we won't have our fans and crowd behind us and the Rams have a good team.

Panther Insider: Do you think you can have as much success against the Rams as you did against the Cowboys throwing the football?

Steve Smith: I think we can we just have to go on the field and play our game and make sure that we work as hard as we did this week in practice getting ready for the Cowboys.

Panther Insider: What will be the biggest factor in beating the Rams?

Steve Smith: Well just what we did this week playing a full football game, both on offense and defense.

Panther Insider: Thanks Steve and go beat the Rams

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