DB Travis Neet: Two Sports Star

Player Profile: DB Travis Neet

It is a lonely job to be a cornerback in the game of football you are all alone on an island with a wide receiver. That receiver is about to run a route and he knows where he is going and it's your job is to cover him, most cornerbacks love that job and Travis Neet of Occidental College in L.A., California is no different.

"When you are playing corner you are one-on-one it is you against him and you are on an island with no help and it is just whoever is better is going to win," said Neet. "I like playing corner because you are outside and everyone will see you if you are good or bad, everyone is watching you when the ball is throw in the air."

Neet who also runs track dream was to go to UCLA and play football and run track but they where only offering him part of a scholarship so he wanted to find a school that would allow him to run track and play football and give him a full scholarship.

"Oregon, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Fresno State, San Jose State, and Utah State all offered me a full football scholarship but when I talked to them about playing football and running track most of the coaches talked down about track athletes, and I really wanted to run track," said Neet. "So I decided to go ahead and take the partial scholarship from UCLA and run track and play football but since I took such a long time to decided UCLA had already given the scholarship away. So I talked to my parents and they wanted me to get an education and at Occidental I could do all three, play football, run track and get a good education, plus a few NFL guys had come out of Occidental."

Neet is a tall corner at over 6 feet and weights 178 pounds and is quick with a 4.43 40 yard dash as well as over a 35'' vertical jump. But Neet needs to add strength and weight to have a true shot at the NFL, but with his speed and quickness along with his knowledge of the game make him an interesting prospect.

"My biggest strength besides my speed is my knowledge of the game, reading what is going on the field, watching game film so I know what the wide receiver is going to do as far as if he is going deep or what breaks he is going to make," said Neet. "I also make sure I know where everyone of the field is and what they are doing as far as the defense goes who is blitzing and who is in coverage."

With his knowledge of the game Neet has the ability to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage and know when to gamble and when he has safety help.

"I love to mess with the quarterback so he doesn't know what I'm doing in coverage. I really like getting in the face of the receiver, if you get a hand of the receiver and jam them then you mess up the timing of the route and I enjoy press coverage," said Neet.

Neet is now training and getting ready for his Pro Day and any work out for NFL scouts.

"I'm working out 3 and a half hours a day running and lifting, track with help me with my speed and explosion and I'm just trying to add weight and muscle to may body," said Neet.

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