Walls Still Has Confidence in Team

<P>After blowing a 14 point 4th quarter lead against the worst team in football, there are many of the opinion that things couldn't get much worse for the Panthers. Tight end Wesley Walls knows better.

"It CAN get worse, it really can, that's the reality. We could lose the rest of our games," Walls points out. "We also could win the rest of our games too. That's the kind of attitude I'm going to choose to take. (We're) not going to worry about "what-ifs", that's something we can look back on when the season is over, and this is one of those seasons already when you look back and say, ‘what-if'. We've got 10 games left, that's a lot of football games. If we give it up and tank it, it could get a lot worse. It's not going to happen here.

Walls was here in 1998 when the roof fell in on a team that thought it was about to return to the NFC title game. They lost their first 7 games and finished 4-12.

"It kind of snowballed on us in '98 and we couldn't get it stopped," Walls recalled. "We can get it stopped here, we've got to stop the bleeding, we've got to win this weekend; somehow, some way or another.

The seasons have been similar to the extent that this years' team has lost it's last two games on the final play, and been either tied or in the lead in the second half of each of their 5 losses. In '98, the Panthers lost 9 games by 7 points or less.

This team has a lot more talent," according to Walls. "We're playing really hard. It's the mistakes we're making, that's why we're losing. This team is talented and there's so much upside potential of this team, that's why I'm so frustrated we can't win games. I wouldn't be here doing what I'm trying to do if I didn't think this team would be any good."

What Walls and the rest of the Panthers hope is that their learning by the mistakes that have cost them dearly thus far. Each week, it's been something different. But, it's because they have kept things close, that Walls believes something good can still come out of this year.

"We still have a chance to do something that hasn't been done around here or much in the league; start 1-5 and have a winning season. I'm going to be positive and keep an optimistic outlook and believe we can do it."

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