Cat Tracks Against the Jets

<P>Just when you think this team has reached the bottom, they find new areas to reach new lows in.


It was Chris Weinke's worst game. He was just 12-34 for 76 yards and never appeared to be in sync. He threw just one interception, but, it was a costly one, as it came from his own one and set up the Jets' winning field goal. CAT TRACKS: 1/2 PAW (OUT OF 4)


Richard Huntley look decent in his first start, picking up 52 yards on 14 carries. He could have had more, but the Panthers coaching staff abandoned the run…while it was working! CAT TRACKS: 2 PAWS


The offensive line did a good job opening holes for the running game in the first half, and are doing a better job picking up the blitzes they're beginning to see weekly (and frequently). They only gave up one sack. CAT TRACKS: 2 PAWS


The staff is hardly giving these guys a chance to succeed by giving up on the running game before it's been established enough to take some of the attention away from the receivers. When they did get chances, there were some costly drops. CAT TRACKS: 1 PAW


They struggled against the run, allowing Curtis Martin 159 yards on the ground alone. They also rarely got pressure in Vinny Testeverde. CAT TRACKS: 1 PAW


Still a lack of depth in this unit, as they've been hammered by injuries. Martin's 159 yards rushing come up again here, as well as the 39 yards he got receiving. Help could be on the way back in the person of Dan Morgan. CAT TRACKS: 2 PAWS


Two of the three picks came from this unit. They led the "bend but not break" defense the Panthers played. They were a main reason the Jets' offense never saw the end zone. Doug Evans picked off a pass for the 6th straight game and showed some heady play by stepping out of bounds with two seconds left in the half to allow John Kasay time for a field goal attempt. They also spent a lot of time pulling down Curtis Martin. CAT TRACKS: 4 PAWS


Good and bad here. A missed extra point and a blocked punt for the Jets only touchdown. They did a nice job in contain, and thwarted a Jets fake punt attempt by keeping the receivers well covered, forcing Tom Tupa into a punt that came with a penalty for leaving too early to go downfield. CAT TRACKS: 1 PAW


Defensively, the Panthers showed up with a good scheme, and the fact that the Jets never got into the end zone is evidence of that. The downside defensively is the 159 yards that Martin gained. Play-calling continues to be a sore spot. The club gives up on the run too quickly despite the fact it appeared to be working, and then, they start calling runs to the outside with Huntley, who would be better suited to go up the gut. Defensively, the Jets confused the Panthers, and Carolina never adjusted. CAT TRACKS: 1/2 PAW

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