Cat Tracks at St. Louis

<P>There isn't much to get excited about in this weeks' ratings…


For a guy who was the third quarterback a week ago, Matt Lytle was thrown into a no-win situation, especially considering the fact that this team has no running game. He was decent in the second half, hitting 9 of 14 for 94 yards and one touchdown. CAT TRACKS: 1 ½ PAWS (OUT OF 4)


19 carries for 31 yards and a lost fumble by Brad Hoover. Nick Goings had the longest run of the day at 11 yards, and finished the day as the leading rusher with 13. CAT TRACKS: 1/2 PAW


The offense appears to only go to one or two receivers each week, instead of using everybody. This is probably the deepest area of the team, but, they're not taking advantage of it. Muhsin Muhammad had his turn this week, with 6 catches. CAT TRACKS: 1 ½ PAWS


They didn't open many holes for the running game, but, did a decent job of protecting Lytle. The first first down didn't come until the third quarter though. CAT TRACKS: 1 PAW


337 yard rushing….'nuff said. CAT TRACKS: 0 PAWS


Faulk, 71 yards, Faulk 57 yards, Canidate 45 yards, Canidate 23 yards. CAT TRACKS: 0 PAWS


There were three picks, but check out the numbers in the linebacker ratings… CAT TRACKS: 2 PAWS


Steve Smith provided nearly as much offense by himself as the entire Panthers offense, running a kickoff back 99 yards. They also got their hands on a late Rams punt. And, another strong day by punter Todd Sauerbrun. CAT TRACKS: 3 PAWS


The team has left the building. Everything in this teams' performance indicates that they've quit…and there are still 7 games left. CAT TRACKS: 0 PAWS (the biggest challenge will be to get this score up at all before the end of the year).

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