Top Five Mistakes of the First Half

As the Panther's season continues down the tubes, here's my quick look back at what has happened. Here are my top 5 bad decisions that have contributed to the Panthers now-8 game losing skid:

5. Taking tight end Wesley Walls out of the game in many third down and red zone situations against Atlanta. Sure, he was being double-teamed….at the very least (and especially in that situation) he would be an effective decoy.

4. Firing the groundskeeper for undisclosed reasons. The Panthers played three games at Ericsson Stadium on a field that would have been bad for many high schools. When the field is a total embarrassment in the home opener, what do you expect the teams' morale to be.

3. Going for it on a 4th & 2 at the 5 against New Orleans when they'd just forced a turnover down 17-0.

2. Giving up too soon on the running game at Washington and having Chris Weinke throw little flare passes when they really needed to be chewing up the clock with a 14-0 fourth quarter lead…in field goal range.

1. And, the number one bad decision by the Panthers in the year 2001…
Believing in Jeff Lewis as the starting quarterback. Most of us kept remarking that we'd never seen any indication that Lewis had what it took to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. His miserable failure left the Panthers with three quarterbacks with no NFL regular season experience and forced Chris Weinke into the starting role before he was ready.

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