HOT TOPIC: Is WR Muhammad gone now?

HOT TOPIC: Is WR Muhammad gone now?

Even though the Carolina Panthers drafted two wide receivers over the weekend, wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad's job seems safe.

There has been speculation that Muhammad, even though he played well in the second half of last season, might be cut because his cap figure next season is more than $6.5 million.

But Panthers general manager Marty Hurney emphasized that Muhammad will stay with the club - or so he says now.

The Panthers drafted Keary Colbert from USC in the second round and then added Drew Carter from Ohio State in the fifth round.

"We've said all along, and we've been asked about it a lot, but Moose is under contract and is a valuable part of our football team," Hurney said. There's still a possibility the Panthers could restructure his deal or ask him to take a pay cut.

The Panthers have given the "he's on our team right now" line before and then cut players later, though. It happened early this year when Hurney was asked about left tackle Todd Steussie. Two days later, Steussie was gone.

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