Cat Tracks at New Orleans

Despite two rushing touchdowns from Chris Weinke, and despite winning the turnover battle...again, the Panthers drop their 11th straight. And, once again, they failed to hold a late fourth quarter lead.


Weinke showed some patience, and some maturity, taking sacks rather than throwing the ball into ill-advised situations. They also let him stretch the defense some and he looked good doing it. CAT TRACKS: 2 PAWS (OUT OF 4)


The Saints front four always makes it tough for the Panthers to run, and this time was no exception. Huntley ran for only 41 yards on 14 carries. The two touchdowns on the ground were both courtesy of the quarterback. CAT TRACKS: 1 ½ PAWS


There were only 8 catches for the receivers…total. That's not good. Part of this could go on the shoulders of the offensive line, as it's tough to throw when you're lying flat on your back. CAT TRACKS: 1 ½ PAWS


Just like last year, 8 sacks given up. That what the Panthers did in both Saints games last year. Weinke wasn't given time, and the running game never had a chance to succeed. CAT TRACKS: 0 PAWS


Rickey Williams just got over 100 yards at 102 and they got some pressure on the elusive Aaron Brooks, recording three sacks. CAT TRACKS: 2 PAWS


Mediocre play at best from this unit, Williams' longest run was 15 yards, but he also had the huge gainer on the short pass. There were a lot of short pass completions with receivers wide open. CAT TRACKS: 1 ½ PAWS


The best stop by the Panthers defensive backfield came courtesy of official Phil Luckett, who got in the way of a Saints touchdown pass to Joe Horn. The DBs were pathetic in the closing Saints drive with missed tackles and missed assignments that allowed the winning score. Horn looked like an All-Pro with 13 catches for 150 yards. CAT TRACKS: ½ PAW


Once again, the stars of this one. Todd Sauerbrun was his usual solid self, John Kasay looked like his old self, and Steve Smith's fourth quarter kick return to the 12 jump-started a team that was down 10 and nearly buried. CAT TRACKS: 4 PAWS


Have we heard this tune before? There was a decent gameplan in place that kept the Panthers in the game. When they had a chance to seal things, the defense failled again. Seifert doesn't believe that it's a sense of doom that sets in, but there ISN'T any confidence on this defense when the game is on the line. CAT TRACKS: 1 PAW

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