Arm-Chair Quarterbacks Scrambling

Every year thousands of Americans spend thousands of dollars in the Fantasy Sports Industry. <br><br> Wannabe Coaches and General Managers read the magazines, visit the message boards, and watch every conceivable sports show to see who is hot and who is not. There is no given demographic one can look at to see who is involved in this torrid love affair. Even the sports broadcasters are getting in on the action, bringing us their picks week in and week out...

I must admit I am one of the hundreds of you glued to the computer screen, checking stats, finding out who was injured over the weekend, and just unsure if I should sit Jake Delhomme over Tom Brady or if I should just let things play out.

This past week was one for the record books. People were scrambling trying to make trades, putting claims in on waiver wire players, and picking up free agents, in the hope they can band aid their team for one more week. With the likes of Charlie Rogers going down with a broken clavicle, and Steve Smith out with a broken leg, or Steven Davis out for 3 to 5 weeks with knee issues, just what is one to do? The first thing NOT to do is worry. Don't go out there trying to make ridiculous trades at the cost of the rest of your team to try and snag some highly sot after running back. As we saw this past weekend while watching the Carolina vs. Kansas City there is always someone ready to step up to the plate and showcase his or her talents.

Who would have thought that Deshaun Foster would rack up 186 yards on 35 carries with a touchdown and 4 receptions for 8 yards by week 2? Who would have thought that Emmitt Smith, yes that is right, I said Emmitt Smith, would have 118 yards on 29 tries and 2 touchdowns? How many of you took a gamble on Smith? My guess is not very many. Now I know you won't want him for your feature back, but he will get you points to get you past that 3 or 4 week period that your back is riding the pine or watching the game from the comforts of his couch, while you are sweating bullets glued to your t.v. set and the Live Scoring function of your Fantasy Football League is updating every 90 secs on your computer beside you.

When all is said and done, take your time, make informed, wise decisions and ultimately – go with your gut. And if all else fails…..pick up Ricky Williams – maybe you are in a Keeper League, and MAYBE he will come back some day. Ok, MAYBE that wasn't a very good piece of advise, but stick around and next week I will give you the who's hot and who's not, and my sleeper picks of the week. Finally, a very smart coach once said, "It is What it Is".

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