It's In The Game?

MADDEN NFL 2005 by EA Sports comes up short on both its Panthers Roster and Panthers Player Rankings in their latest release for the PC.

I admit it. I am a Madden football junkie. I have been playing the game for as long as I can remember having a Nintendo gaming system. That's why I was so stoked to finally be able to get the latest version for the PC. Yes, I still play the on my PC. Age and economics have limited my ability to experience video game bliss like I use to. But I didn't care. The new game came out and I was able to play my favorite team, the Carolina Panthers, in franchise mode all the way to the Super Bowl again. Can I tell ya that sometimes I wished things in life were like a video game? I started going through the game, checking out the features when suddenly, I discovered the Panthers lineup. After going through the usual starters, I took a chance and went to see how bad the game ranked our offensive line. My jaw nearly hit the keyboard when I saw how they had our players ranked on the game. First off, I have to say that they did as good a job as they could have in keeping the game updated (like having Drew Carter on IR for the season). However, the game did mess with my emotions a bit as they had Adam Meadows completely healthy and ranked at a superior 88 (BTW – for those of you that don't know anything about Madden football games, each player is ranked, according to their skill at their position. The ranking are from 1-100. One is the lowest and one hundred is the best). Of course that immediately got me thinking about the bookends of Jordan Gross and Adam Meadows that could have been. The second thing I noticed was the tackle positions. Not only did they have Travis Claridge (a free agent pick up from the Atlanta Falcons that hasn't done squat for the team since being picked up) come in at a respectable 85, but Bruce Nelson (miraculously cured from his hip surgery he had earlier in the summer) was at the other tackle position and ranked at 78. Some of the other guys like Tuten Reyes were ranked pretty close to what they averaged, but these couple of guys really got me thinking about the line that could have been. Honestly I have no idea what the season holds in store for the Panthers (both in reality and on my Madden game system). Maybe what I can do is do a weekly simulation of who the Panthers play on Madden and compare it to what really happens on the field. Something tells me that we won't see Deshaun Foster running for 170 yards against a Swiss cheese filled Kansas City defense. Nor will we see our offensive line turn into super-studs at a click of a mouse (no matter how much technology the Panther front office uses to prepare for their games now). I guess that's what makes it a game. With Madden, you can always hit the reset button if you don't like the results. On the field, where they play for real, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

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