Underwood: Week 3 Commentary

Week three of the 2004 NFL season saw some questions answered but maybe even a few more rose. I will break down game for game from my perspective and what limited bit of it I got to see due to my horrid work schedule… but that's another story.

Houston at Kansas City: The KC run defense along with Tony Gonzalez finally decided to show up this season. Both of them were not enough to keep the Chiefs, a team that last year lost three games the entire season, start off the year at 0-3. People say the Panthers were a fluke last year… I am starting to think maybe Kansas City was. High scoring offenses are fun to watch, but defenses win championships, and in this case games. The Texans avoided the record that the Chiefs now have obtained, but didn't look that great in doing so. Big key to the game was a bend but don't break defense and an interception that Marcus Coleman took 102 yards to the house. The Chiefs aren't out of it yet, but they have a lot of issues that must be addressed quickly or they will be playing golf come January.

Philadelphia at Detroit: Unbelievably to some, this match up saw both teams come into the game with a 2-0 record. Many picked the Eagles to go the show this year; many said the Lions would be the surprise team of '04. The Eagles once again looked impressive with McNabb leading the show and Owens as the supporting role.

Offensively, Philly had too much for the Lions to withstand, scoring three touchdowns in the first half to win easily 30-13. The Eagles are rolling and look to once again be title contenders. I will save judgment on Detroit as this was a tough game for a young team with a beat up secondary. The coming weeks will clear up that picture. One bright spot for Detroit was that Roy Williams showed out once again to lead all receivers with 135 yards and 2 touchdowns… why oh why did I ever trade him off of my fantasy football team.

Baltimore at Cincinnati: Would the real Ravens please stand up?!?!? After losing to hapless Cleveland week one, the Ravens have bounced back to a 2-1 record. Jamal Lewis and the Raven defense once again carried Baltimore to victory. As long as Boller can limit his mistakes, Lewis can tote the rock, and Ray Lewis can lead the defense, Baltimore will have a chance to win every week. The Bengals however, another team some destined for greatness, looked like the Bungles of old. Mistakes, turnovers, and just downright being out played led to Cincy ending the week at 1-2. Should have seen this coming after last week's lackluster performance against the lowly Dolphins… which I will get to in a moment.

Arizona at Atlanta: Well, well… the mighty Vick led Falcons are 3-0. But don't let the record fool ya. Atlanta help off a late rally by San Francisco, the same team that got blown out today by the way, in week one. Week two saw them beat a St. Louis team that will be lucky to get to .500 this year, little lone the playoffs. And today they beat the Cardinals 6-3… are you kidding me?!?!?!? Was that the score from the Braves vs. Diamondbacks game or the football score… no wait, the baseball score would be more than that! This game was ugly…on both sides of the ball. Arizona fumbled the ball three times deep in Atlanta territory. That was the only reason the outcome wasn't different. Who knows… maybe the Falcons just play to their opponents level… yeah right.

These were the games I actually got to see some of. The others I wasn't as fortunate or unfortunate enough to see firsthand…

Jacksonville at Tennessee: Are the Jaguars for real? Can they keep up this type of winning all year? Some say yes, just look at the Panthers last year. But this is different. Jacksonville's offense is not that good, but their defense is for real. Maybe they are the real deal…but I don't think so. The Titans are playing bad and need to step up if they want to be a factor in the AFC South.

New Orleans at St. Louis: Note to Mike Martz… run Faulk till he breaks and you will win!! St. Louis is slipping. Lucky for them, with the exception of Seattle, the rest of the NFC West stinks too! The Saints are 2-1 now, no surprise there, it is still September.

Cleveland at New York: Does anyone really care about this game except Clevelanites or New Yorkians?!?!? Didn't think so…

Chicago at Minnesota: Saw this one coming. The Bears are better than they were last year but are still middle of the road. Minnesota looks like they could win this division outright this year.

San Diego at Denver: The Bolts can't win at Mile High… must be the thin air.

Green Bay at Indianapolis: This game reminded me of an old Wendy's commercial… "Where's the Defense!!!" Wow… was this game a shootout. Not only would this game a great game to watch, it was a fantasy football league managers dream come true!

Tampa Bay at Oakland: The Bucs are hurting. The final score, thanks to a couple of junk Tampa touchdowns, was not even close to how the game actually played out. I don't know what the answer is for Tampa Bay, but whatever they are doing isn't working.

Pittsburgh at Miami: The 1972 Miami Dolphins were the last team to go undefeated in the NFL. Flip that teams record around and you may end up with what this year's squad could end up with. The "Fish" are stinking it up and are really as bad as advertised. Amazing how much the loss of Rasta Ricky has affected them. Right now, the state of Florida is 0-6 in league play…guess they could always blame it on all the hurricanes.

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