Crowd Control?

Mark Stugelmeyer thinks that Buckner's lashing out at the fans has more to do with his production on the field than the Panthers Fans in the stands.

While sitting at home last Sunday, it was hard not to observe the pesky number 7 on the big screen.

It wasn't a throwback jersey of our beloved Steve Beurlein, it was the red number 7 of Michael Vick. Vick's jersey was all over the place from the PSL section all the way to the top of the stadium.

I've been to several games and have seen many opposing fans from all over the nation visit our state-of-the-art stadium and it saddens and sickens me that such a large number are in attendance. Our Monday night opener against Green Bay was disheartening. There was cheese all over the place and I'm not talking about the nachos either. At one point, late in the 3rd quarter, I was forced to yell over the Green Bay fans in order to make it appear it wasn't Lambeau Field.

While I don't like the idea of having so many fans from the opposing team cheering their players on, I detest the fact that our players are discussing it publicly.

This week in fact, Brentson Buckner scolded the Panther fans for not showing up and supporting the team. He stated that he couldn't understand why the stadium had so many PSL seats with Falcon fans in them. While that may be true, I don't see how verbally browbeating your fans and giving your opponents locker room material improves the situation. This shows a team slipping into disarray. When players feels they must blame others for the team's mistakes they aren't taking responsibility for what is happening on the field.

In fact, Buckner has the least amount of tackles recorded among the starting defensive linemen. While he might be winning Madden in the locker room, he is losing respect on the field.

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