Coming into this season, the Carolina Panthers' front 4 was receiving more hype than Mike Vick. But at some point they will have to begin producing to deserve all the praise. <br><br> This lack of production has been obvious in the Panthers home losses to Green Bay and Atlanta, in which fans are growing frustrated with the lack of defensive pressure. This lack of pressure should rest on the defensive play calling more than any one player.

Mike Trgovac has disappointed fans with his play calling so far this season. After watching the Green Bay game and seeing all the blitzing by the Packers, one would wonder why do the Panthers rarely blitz the opposing quarterback? It seems as though Trgovac is relying on the front four alone to have constant pressure on the QB. There is no other team in the NFL that does this with any success. With Julius Peppers leading the team with 2 sacks and Kris Jenkins and Brentson Bucker with one each, the Panthers have individual talent. Mike Rucker is sack-less, but does have 11 solo tackles thus far in 3 games. It's hard to imagine why the Panthers are getting so little production as a unit.

To solve this problem, the Panthers have got to blitz with linebackers or safeties in order to get pressure on the QB. It typically will take 6 offensive players to contain the Panthers front four, so why not add a linebacker or two to break down the O-line? This is going to have to be done in order for the defense to help win games.

After all the hype, fans and the media expect the front four to dominate every game, but that isn't realistic if they are trying to do it all alone. Look back 2 seasons ago when Jack DelRio was the defensive coordinator. The Panther's D was feared and the pass rush was spectacular. Is there any connection to Mark Fields having 8 sacks and 3 forced fumbles? It's obvious that with out the help of line backers and safeties, the front four is going to look mediocre all season.

Mike Trogovac, if you are listening, and we know you aren't, use that speed at linebacker and get these defensive linemen off the field so they won't be exhausted by the 3rd quarter!

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