Carolina Panthers Elevator Ride

Each week we give you a glimpse of who is going UP and who is coming down. One hint... the altitude isn't affecting Brentson Buckner.

Oh, hello Mr. Tyler….going…down?

Each week I will evaluate how key positions are doing on the Carolina Panthers team. Hey, it's not giving it a letter grade but at least it's something!

Going Up:

Mushin Mohammad – The elder wider receiver for the Panthers had one of the few highlights for the team as he made up for an early fumble to catch seven passes for 114 yards. Sadly, none were for touchdowns.

Chris Gamble and Ricky Manning – The young Panthers secondary surprisingly haven't been tested much this year, and Gamble's stock keeps rising the more he doesn't make mistakes.

Stuck In Between Floors:

Keary Colbert – The rookie played an okay game, barely missing an overthrown pass by Jake Delhomme that would have been for a nice reception. He just didn't do anything to really excite me this week.

DeShaun Foster – Yes, believe it or not, I'm keeping him here. Considering that the second half was mostly pass plays and the type of offensive line he plays behind (and only then he has to run to one side all the time), he did pick up over 50 yards. Beats having Lamar Smith in the backfield.

Going Down:

This is going to be a long list this week so bear with me…

The Carolina Panthers defense – Apparently they have this idea that reputation wins ball games or they think that offensive players will fall down by themselves. Once again we saw missed tackles and missed opportunities that lead to Atlanta scoring twice on the ground.

Jake Delhomme – Jake looked scared and confused out there. There was more than one occasion that he either overthrew a player or threw into coverage that he shouldn't have. Unfortunately, one of those times resulted in an INT/TD for Atlanta.

The offensive line – JUST PLAIN OFFENSIVE! PERIOD. Having a false start with it's third and a whisker is no way to instill confidence in your coach or your team Mr. Willig. You may be big but you're quickly becoming a burden.

The Coaching Staff – I understand game-planning around Vick, especially how he torched you guys the last two times he played you. You just forgot about the TE. Crumpler ran all over the LB's all night, giving the Falcons great field position and kept the drives going. Oh, and for the record, when it's third and short, why not run the ball instead of trying to pass it. I'm no math whiz, but statically you stand a better shot at getting the first down.

Me – Yes, I even had to put myself on the list. Twice I've gone to home games this year using someone else's ticket they gave me and twice we've lost. Just call me the albatross.

Next week: The Panthers vs Denver. Will it be a mile-high climb out of the gutter for the Panthers or another step closer to oblivion?

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