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A new running back? Who could be coming to town? Who is the favorite?<br><br> Delhomme Injured? Since when? What's injured?<br><br> Fire Henning!? Who'll take his place?<br><br> All this and more INSIDE!

A New Running Back In Town?

As of right now, indication are that Stacey Mack is the front-runner to be added to the roster, but his addition is far from a certainty. The Panthers had been in contact with representatives for Mack within the past few days. It is believed that the team was impressed with his physical condition despite his weight. His tough running style would be a fit to the Carolina offense.

Delhomme Injured?

Not much is being mentioned nationally about Jake Delhomme. The team had some concerns about his right shoulder when he was wedged into the turf a few weeks ago. The medical staff, as well as the coaching staff was of the belief he only suffered a bruising. According to sources, MRI's did not disclose any structural or muscle type damage which would be expected to hamper him as long as his throwing issues have been questionable.

While the Panthers coaching staff and PR department will tell you Delhomme is healthy, it appears that over the past three weeks he has been struggling with his throws. Delhomme has generally been a fairly accurate, consistent passer, but he has been consistently high on throws, without much rotation on the ball. Never a strong-armed QB, there might be more than meets the eye in regards to his health.

Fire Henning!

Right now, Henning is safe. The offensive woes are not a result of his play-calling, according to those within the organization. But rather, injury, inconsistency, and a lack of play-makers on the offensive side of the ball. The Panthers have shown a lack of imagination on the offensive side of the ball, but without the horses, the same ball-game cannot be played.

Although it's been rumored for a while, don't expect a Charlie Weiss sighting in Carolina, Weiss is on the hot-list as a potential head coach going into 2005. Much has been made of the notion he will leave New England at seasons end. Seeing is believing, we hear he is not sold on making a move, unless it is for a head coaching opportunity, in college of the NFL.

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