Election Year Promises

Yesterday was election day. The day where every LEGAL American can decide on whom they want to lead this country and in what direction they want this country to go. Between the constant bickering and bad-mouthing and the millions spent on campaign advertising (which could be used to help so many people in other ways), this election has gotten me thinking about what would happen if there was a fair electorial process for the fans of the NFL...

Of course we would have to have coverage of the local campaigns (meaning the Panthers). Currently, there are several open seats that are hotly contested. The first open seat is for the highly contested Comissioner of Running Back for the Carolina district. The current incumbent, Stephen Davis, has been challenged for re-election this year due to failure to maintain the office and fullfill the duties of the position. The leading candidate is DeShaun Foster. Foster, a relative newcomer to the position, scored major points with the constituents last year by delivering much needed reform to the position when the incumbent had to temporarily step aside. However, his campaign has been hampered this year by the same problems that his opponent has faced. There have also been several write-in votes. These "running back by committee" candidates include: Brad Hoover, Nick Goings, Harris and Maddox. None of the write-ins expect to make a real challenge in this race.

Another hotly contested position this year is the position of Secretary of Quarterbacks. Incumbent Jake Delhomme had a strong lead going into this election year but recent bad decisions have many questioning his ability to make decisions during high pressure situations. Although he's expected to keep the position, the current situation does not bode well for his future political aspirations.

The department of the O-line has really come to the forefront of this election year and the voters are demanding a change to bring the same sort of consistency they've expected from that office.

Two possibly new offices that may become available at the end of this election year are the Secretary of Offense and the Secretary of Defense. The current Secretary of Offense has been blasted by the local voting base as being incompetent and unwilling to budge on key issues. Combining this with a downturn of success facing the region will make it very difficult for the current Secretary to keep his post. The Secretary of Defense is not in much of a better position. His inability to take over a great department and to maintain the high level of security has many rethinking the credibility of the Secretary. One major hurdle for the Secretary to overcome is his inability of his department to stop a running assault. During these times of high alert, the voters need that reassurance that they can feel safe in their own house.

Not on the election block this year is the position of Commander and Chief. President Fox has maintained the popular vote throughout this season and his ratings have maintained over the important 50% mark for an incumbebt. The voting base maintains the motto, "In Fox We Trust".

No matter what the outcome this year, it's important that you get out there and continue to support the process as often as you can. Remember, the price of victory is eternal draft picks!

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