MID-WEEK REPORT: Delhomme Questionable

For the first time since he took the helm of the Carolina Panthers in the late summer of 2003, Jake Delhomme did not practice with the team. Delhomme is taking time off due to the hairline fracture in the tip of his right thumb.

"By design we did not have him throw the ball today," Coach Fox told the media on Wednesday. "That's something that I think he'll test later in the week. He went through some mechanics, conditioning, walking through some plays and stuff like that to prepare him for the game but he did not throw today."

However, Fox does expect Delhomme to start against Arizona this week.

"I believe he's capable of doing that. We'll evaluate that as we go. This gives a great opportunity for Chris (Weinke) and Rodney (Peete) and even Rod Rutherford to get some work. But right now, the plan is it will be Jake, and we'll see how the week goes."

Delhomme had one of the better games of the season last week, a 37-27 win over the San Francisco 49ers. Delhomme passed for 303 yards on 19 of 34 attempts, 3 touchdowns, no interceptions and a finished with a quarterback rating of 115.2.

Wednesday Notes

- Carolina signed K Jeff Chandler to the practice squad in case John Kasay is unable to play this Sunday.

- Carolina also signed TE/FB Casey Cramer off of the Titans' practice squad. "We needed another fullback. Right now, Nick Goings is covering a lot of duty as a running back," Fox said Wednesday. "With Brad Hoover and Kris Mangum (injured), we felt like we needed a fullback/tight end type guy."

- Fox also elaborated on Dan Morgan's ongoing concussion problem. "He met with some doctors yesterday, and they don't think it's career threatening by any stretch. We are just moving forward cautiously. What that entails at this point, I can't predict the future. We are just taking it day-to-day." When asked why Morgan has been so susceptible to concussions, Fox didn't think there was any one cause to them. "On the evaluations we got back yesterday, they didn't seem to think there was anything that was a cause. They are just part of the game."

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