Chat with Mike, part 2's Chad Underwood had a chance recently to talk with Strong Safety Mike Minter about the Panthers woes, his personal accomplishments, and more.<br><br> Part 2...

Chad - Obviously you are very involved in your church, everybody knows that. What are your thoughts of "working" on what Christians think of as a day of rest?

Mike - Well you know what, that is something that it was an Old Testament deal with the Ten Commandments, and you know I feel like, it's a deal where it's doesn't bound people to okay you gotta take the day off, or your going to hell.

Chad - (Laughs) Right...

Mike - (Laughs) I don't think it's like that you know, and I think we being in the New Covenant with Jesus Christ there's simply only one way to get to heaven, and that's believing that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior...and that's the only way. So, you know working on Sundays or not working on Sundays is not gonna get ya there (Laughs). You know I look at things like that, you know laws and rules like that, that people keep thinking that they are gonna get to Heaven, and that's not the case, and there's only one way...and if you have that way, then you are okay.

Chad - Okay, great. So how do you go about your worshiping schedule on a typical Sunday?

Mike - Well what I do is, well we have Chapel on Saturday nights. We have a Chaplain come in and give a thirty minute sermon, and we get an opportunity there. On Fridays, we have bible studies, as players we have bible studies together. And then Wednesday and Thursday we get an opportunity to sit down with the our Chaplain, our team Chaplain and just talk about whatever, and grow that way. We get as much time as we can in, and then on Wednesday nights we go to church, and that's what ya get.

Chad - Fantastic...that's excellent. I didn't know that ya'll had those services available to you so that's great.

Mike - Yeah.

Chad - With the injuries to DeShaun, Stephen, and Rod, with two of those guys being on the IR, are you ready to help out at running back?

Mike - (Laughs)

Chad - You know, we heard you were a pretty good running back, back in High School…

Mike - (Laughs) Hey man, I was a pretty good running back, back then. But you know what, these boys are too big in the NFL you know (Laughs)

Chad - (Laughs)

Mike - I'm gonna take my chances when I get an interception and try to run it back.

Chad - (Laughs) Okay, that works for us.

Mike - (Laughs)

Chad - That's pretty much the serious ones, the rest are kinda fun now...

Mike - Okay.

Chad - Having a successful football career in both college, which you had at Nebraska, and the pros, what would you say have been either your single or combined greatest accomplishments on the field?

Mike - Oh man...on the field...uh...well you know what, the biggest thrill on the field is either knocking somebody out...

Chad - (Laughs)

Mike - or taking an interception back to the endzone. I think those are the greatest individual feelings that you can have on the football field. As far as having team success on the football field, definitely winning National Championships at Nebraska, and going to the Super Bowl.

Chad - Well great, that's great. What would you say your greatest accomplishment off the field has been so far in your life.

Mike - My greatest accomplishment off the really when my kids get complemented on having a Godly attitude. That's the biggest accomplishment I can have, is having my kids growing up loving God.

Chad - Great, that's fantastic. As a father of two, I have the same sentiment as you do there.

To be concluded...

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