Jan 2 - Save The Moose Day

Wide Receiver Muhsin Muhammad scored on a record breaking 85-yard TD pass during Superbowl XXXVIII on February 1st 2004 in Houston, Texas, setting the record the longest play from scrimmage in Superbowl history, but the familiar "Moooooooooose" chant, often heard in Charlotte, was absent. Unfortunately, that situation could be permanent, and we're out to keep that from happening.

Sunday Jan 2nd. 2005 Has been designated by Carolina Panther fans as "Save the Moose" Day

Moose holds virtually every receiving record in the 10 year history of the Carolina Panthers, and is once again proving in 2004 to be a vital part of the team. A captain, a veteran, a leader, and an example of hard work are hallmarks of Muhsin's game. But that hardly personifies what Moose means to the Charlotte area.

Muhsin, whose Arabic first name means "charitable", or "one who does good deeds", is typified by his many charitable organizations. Most recognizable is the now famous "Muhsin Muhammad is the greatest football player ever to play the game" United Way commercial Moose did several years back. But talk to Moose today about Chartable events and he'll start off with his M2 Foundation for Kids. The M2 Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the educational and physical development of children. The goal of the organization is to motivate and help youth improve educational achievement and develop personal competencies for becoming healthy productive adults.

Moose also serves as the Charlotte area spokesperson for Muscular Dystrophy Association, an annual football camp, and holiday toy drive are just a few of the events sponsored through his five-year relationship with the organization. Named the Panthers Man of the Year 1999 for his efforts in the community, Muhammad serves as spokesperson for Men For Change, a group that generates money and awareness for a battered women's shelter.

Muhammad will enter the final year of his current contract in 2005. However, due to the strict salary cap guidelines regulated by the NFL, Moose will likely be released by the team in what's commonly known as a "Salary Cap Casualty" if a contract renegotiation isn't attained. We realize that the ultimate matter of Muhammad's contract and future with the team is the sole responsibility of Muhammad, his agent and the Panthers front office but as Panther fans we need to send a clear message to all parties that Muhsin is a invaluable member of the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte community. We believe a contract restructure can be agreed upon that's beneficial and fair to all parties, and it is our desire to have Muhsin retire as a Panther when his playing days are over.

"Save the Moose" day is our chance as fans to drive home the message that Moose should set yet another record as the first Panther drafted player to fulfill his entire football career and retire as a Carolina Panther.

What can you do?

· First, get a ticket and show up to the Jan. 2nd 2005 regular season finale against the New Orleans Saints: a half empty stadium sends the wrong message.

· Second, spread the message, get the word out that Jan 2nd is "Save the Moose" day.

· Thirdly, show your love for Moose. Bring a sign saying "Save The Moose" wear your Muhammad #87 jersey. Wear a Panther blue awareness ribbon (you know the drill) to show your support for this cause – around your wrist, as an earring, pinned to your had - anywhere.

· Lastly, get noticed. The local Charlotte/NC/SC media will know in advance of the event. Don't do anything stupid just get noticed!

Rich Gerber writes and Operates the WarCats website.

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