Chat with Mike, part 3's Chad Underwood had a chance recently to talk with Strong Safety Mike Minter about the Panthers woes, his personal accomplishments, and more.<br><br> Part 3: the final installment.

Chad - Who has been your biggest football life influence?

Mike - You know what, I have a couple. Specific one is my elementary coach. This guy was somebody that looked after others. Some of the stuff that he taught me, I'm using right now. And then, Tom Osborne.

Chad - Okay...who's been your biggest influence in your personal life?

Mike - The biggest influence in my personal life, you know my mom... just the way she worked, she worked hard. You know, that's been a big influence in my personal life, and now my Pastor, that I have right now, Bradley Price, has been a big influence.

Chad - Great, great. Any chances after retirement, which hopefully is a long time down the road, you would consider coaching football at any level?

Mike - Yes...I'll probably coach high school. I feel like, teaching kids is a great tool that you can have, and I wanna be able to impart into these kids what I've done learned over my whole career, and give it to em at an early age in high school. Man, trust me, if I knew what I know now back in high school, you know I would be that much further along.

Chad - Exactly. (Laughs) You know I think there are a lot of people that can say that...that's a good way to look at it.

Mike - (Laughs)

Chad - If somebody was gonna make a movie about Mike Minter's life, who would play you and what would the title be.

Mike - Oh man (Laughs)...I would probably, that's a good one...probably Wesley Snipes.

Chad - Okay, great, that's a good one.

Mike - You know what I'm saying, and the title would probably be...Look What God Can Do (Laughs) With Anything (Laughs).

Chad - Hey, that's a great title.

Mike - (Laughs) That would probably be the title right there.

Chad - Okay great. You just talked about this a minute ago, you kinda touched on it, as a father of four, what kind of advice would you give to new fathers as well as experienced ones that have children already on juggling a successful career and family life.

Mike - Man...don't separate your life. Don't be one person outside with your business or your career and then one person at home. Be the same...incorporate it all, incorporate it all man. And really incorporate your family into your career, you know don't separate em. If you bring em all into it man...because what happens is when you do that, when you come home, therefore your still working. You feel me?

Chad - (Laughs) Oh I know...

Mike - (Laughs) So I think...hey, man spend as much time as you can with your kids. That's the hardest thing right now for me, because of the simple fact you work all day, you get get selfish. Stay unselfish...that's probably the biggest thing...stay unselfish. Give yourself sometime, to spend as much as you can with your kids.

Chad - That's some great advice, great advice. Besides winning a Super Bowl, what other football goals would you like to accomplish before you call it quits?

Mike - Well, I definitely wanna go to a Pro Bowl...

Chad - Okay, which you should, you should of already been to one!

Mike - (Laughs) That's definitely one thing that I wanna do. That would be it.

Chad - Okay, last question. When it's all said and done, what do you want people to remember about #30?

Mike - I want, as far as football is concerned, that this is a man that every down, every play, every game played his heart out and gave 110%. Never saw him lay down his sword, his was always ready to go. And number two, he cared about people. He actually cares about people.

Chad - Well Mike that's it. I wanna thank you very much for doing this. Just remember we are rooting for you guys, no matter what the outcome. So just remember that.

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