Fox has no regrets

John Fox has no regrets about going into overtime in his latest loss to the Atlanta Falcons.<br><br> "We didn't want to risk anything bad happening prior to overtime," Fox said at his weekly post game press conference.

"They had no timeouts, and it would have been totally up to us whether we gave them another possession or not. I think I would do the same thing again 10 times. We did a very similar thing in an earlier game."

"I would say that we were not sitting on it," Fox said as he tried to defend running out the clock in regulation. "We are always trying to move the football. For some reason, some people interpret running the football as sitting on it. I think you can score just as fast on a run as you can throwing it. We ran that run earlier and had success with it. We didn't get it blocked as well as we would have liked to on a couple of those runs."

When prodded further, Fox retorted, "We were trying to move the ball. Just because you run the ball doesn't mean you are not trying to move it. One minute and 37 seconds is plenty of time to move the ball with timeouts."

Yet, the Panthers allowed the clock to expire without exercising the timeout.

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