Beefing Up

The Panthers must do something to upgrade their offensive line in the offseason, but obviously can't afford to break the bank to do so. Here are 5 offensive linemen that the Panthers may target in the offseason...

T Jonas Jennings, 6' 3" 325 lbs. 11/21/77, Georgia (Buffalo)

Jonas Jennings has experience playing all the positions across the line through college and played mostly at Left Tackle in 2004 while with the Bills. He's considered a good run-blocker and has good technique, but can be overmatched against explosive ends. He has good technique, but is regarded as a poor athlete. He helped the Bills rejuvenate their offense in the latter half of the season and played very well down the stretch.

C,G,T Tyson Walter, 6' 4" 303 lbs. 3/17/78, Ohio State (Dallas)

Walter has good size and a strong upper body, but has difficulty sustaining blocks and is inconsistent. He employs good technique in leverage an blocking angles. He has good initial quickness that would work well in the Panthers run-first offense. Regarded as a versatile player that can fill many positions.

T Brandon Gorin, 6' 6" 308 lbs. 7/17/78 Purdue (New England)

Gorin is a developmental prospect that can play guard or tackle. He has good speed for the running game and would be an asset in the Panthers offense. He's got great potential and could be a solid starter with more experience.

G Joe Andruzzi, 6' 3" 312 lbs. 8/23/75 Southern Connecticut State (New England)

Andruzzi would add more intensity to a relatively passive Panthers Offensive line. Joe is classified as a "mauler" who rarely gets beaten once he's locked onto defenders. He has good explosiveness and lower-body strength that would be ideal for a Guard in the Panthers run-first oriented offense. He can be beaten by speed rushers occasionally.

G Bennie Anderson, 6' 5" 345 lbs. 2/17/77 Tennessee State (Ravens)

Another mauler is the Ravens' Bennie Anderson. He's got great size and will wear defenders down, but must lose weight in order to be more mobile and do the things the Panthers ask their Guards to do. He's not very quick, but has great awareness and can pick up the blitz. Could be a decent addition but only asset above what the Panthers currently have is girth.

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