My 2 cents

The season of our dreams came to a sudden halt of a Vinateri field goal in superbowl XXXVIII. Frustrated and salavating the opportunity for redemption we headed into 2004 with a sense of purpose, WE ARE NOT ONE YEAR WONDERS. <br><br> Everything looked promising with the draft to the camps, to even an undefeated preseason where we gave pittsburgh a loss. But as the season got underway things came to a screaching halt.

The loss of Steve Smith in the first game of the season started a chain of events that were so unfounded that not even our toughest critics couldn't believe.

Losses of Foster, Jenkins, and Davis proved along with some others seemed to be a lost cause. Then when all hope was lost, we finally hit rock bottom down at halftime to San Francisco, Coach Fox gave them the desire again.

Not only did we come on with a winnign streak that even amazed and started to raise some eyebrows, but it gave all of the fans that hey this team is for real.

Thanks to the play of Gamble(6 ints), Colbert(rookie record for touchdowns), and Goings (who happened to be 6 in our depth chart of running backs) running for several 100 hundred yard games we proved to the nfl we belonged and we weren't a one shot wonder.

Heading into week 17 I felt we were there, Finally getting respect from everyone it would be for not. But although our season ended on a down it ended more up then anything else.

We proved several people wrong, we let the league know how deep we became with the rise of several young stars, how we overcame adversity and was in contention till the end.

The season meant more than our dream season and I am very proud of our accomplishments and excited for the future.

This is my 2 cents.

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