Panthers Senior Bowl Coverage: Wednesday

The Panthers continued their Senior Bowl scouting on Wednesday as they spoke with three players and showed interest in a few more.<br><br> An early round Guard, Cornerback, and Defensive End, as well as a mid-round kick returner, a possesion receiver, and a late round safety round out the list. Find out who <b>INSIDE<b>!

The Panthers Spoke with:

Corey Webster - CB, 5' 11" - 202 lbs., LSU

Has very good upper-body strength to jam receivers at the line, and is hard to beat downfield due to his long arms and athleticism. A great tackler, but much like Chris Gamble, spent first two seasons with LSU as a Wide Receiver. Has great instincts and is a good run support corner. Outlook: 2nd round. Ranking: 7th


Marcus Spears - DE, 6' 4" - 295 lbs., LSU

Unbelievably athletic with good power. Can play end or tackle. Needs more coaching and will benefit from more experience. Has good burst after shedding blocker and good agility. Outlook: 1-2 round. Ranking: 5th


Junior Rosengreen - S, 5' 10" - 189 lbs., AUBURN

A good run support safety that is not a good cover man. Does not have good ball awareness and may struggle learning the NFL system. Outlook: 7th - Undrafted. Ranking: 28th


The Panthers showed interest in:

Taylor Stubblefield - WR, 5' 11" - 172 lbs., PURDUE

Possession receiver that has good initial quickness and reads coverages extremely well. Has excellent hands and is a good blocker. Would be an effective slot receiver. Not very fast. Had a fractured skull in 2002 in a non-football related accident. Outlook: 5-7 rounder/undrafted. Ranking: 30th


Dan Buenning - G, 6' 4" - 310 lbs., WISCONSIN

Good quickness and plays with sound technique. Has great upper-body strength and plays till the whistle. Has a good mean streak that would add toughness to the Panthers line. Good in pass protection. Not overly athletic. Intelligent, but sometimes struggles to pick up exotic stunts and blitzes. Better in the run game than the pass game because of his initial quickness and power. Regarded as a leader in the locker room. Outlook: late 2 - 4th round. Ranking: 4th


Craig Bragg - WR, 6' - 198 lbs., UCLA

Very quick, but has average speed. Very good hands, and is a good blocker. Very good playmaking skills, but won't be a big red zone weapon. Excellent Kick returner and Punt Returner. UCLA Offensive MVP in 2003. Outlook: 3-5 round. Ranking: 31st

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