Thomas Davis is the Panthers' Pick

The Panthers selected S/LB Thomas Davis out of Georgia with the 14th pick in the draft, passing over Derrick Johnson in the process.

Thomas Davis Profile

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Perhaps one of the more intriguing players available for the Panthers to draft is University of Georgia Safety Thomas Davis. A physical specimen who stands 6' 1" and weighs in at 230 lbs, Davis is a hard hitter who excels at stopping the run. Some teams feel he's better suited to play linebacker in the NFL. Davis scored a 19 on the Wonderlic. On paper, Davis would seem to be just what the Panthers need – a solid, hitting safety. However, Sporting News writer Dan Pompei printed something interesting in the March 18th issue of Sporting News magazine. In his NFL Insider Column, Pompei spoke about Thomas Davis' play recognition skills. Pompei stated that Davis was "a sucker for play-action and gets caught peeking into the backfield. He is as lost in a zone as a hillbilly in Manhattan." He went on to quote an unnamed long-time NFL Executive as saying "He's made more mental mistakes and instinctive mistakes than anyone I've ever scouted". Would Davis be a good fit for the Panthers secondary? Probably not.

The Panthers have to be projecting Davis as a Linebacker, who has been often compared to Derrick Brooks from Tampa Bay.

But in Fox we trust, right?

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