Finally, A General Manager

Director of Football Operations Marty Hurney, who has overseen the Carolina Pnthers salary cap structure since 1998, has been named General Manager of the Carolina Panthers.

"The structure of the NFL is changing and we are adjusting to meet those changes," says team President Mark Richardson. "It has become clear that teams cannot separate salary cap from football personnel decisions and Marty has a great understanding of how the two areas interact."

"Marty has been handling many of the general manager responsibilities and it is appropriate that he have the title," says Richardson. "He is responsible for seeing that the coaching, personnel, and salary cap areas work together in a concerted effort."

Hurney came to the Panthers in 1998 from the San Diego Chargers and handled salary cap matters in Dom Capers' last season and throughout George Seifert's three seasons as head coach.

" I appreciate the opportunity that I have received, am excited about the coaching staff John Fox has put together and believe that this franchise has a bright future," says Hurney. "It is important that every facet of the organization work together to make the right decisions."

Hurney's focus will remain with salary cap issues while Fox is responsible for all coaching responsibilities and personnel director Jack Bushofsky oversees scouting. Hurney will coordinate the different areas of the football operation.

"I am very comfortable with our structure and have a great deal of confidence in Marty Hurney," says Fox. "It is a structure that was defined as I went through the interview process and I feel gives us a great opportunity to succeed. It is similar to what I saw be successful with the New York Giants."

Hurney started in football administration in 1990 when he moved from the Washington Redskins to the San Diego Chargers as an assistant to Bobby Beathard. With the Chargers his responsibilities included organizing the scouting department and negotiating player contracts.

With the advent of the salary cap in 1993, Hurney emerged as the club's specialist in compliance management to the agreement while earning distinction as both an administrator and negotiator. In 1994, the Chargers won the AFC title.

In addition to learning under Beathard, Hurney has worked with a number of head coaches, including Joe Gibbs and Bobby Ross as well as Capers and Seifert.

Harold Henderson, the chairman of the NFL's management council, has described Hurney as "one of the best young executives in the League."

Hurney, 46, is a native of Wheaton, Maryland and graduated from Catholic University.

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