Tuesday Tidbits

General ramblings and news not worthy enough for it's own article. Ask Jake a question, Cap Casualties, Todd Sauerbrun, a new photo gallery and radio show?

Lori-Jo has a form on her site, The Carolina Cajun , that is for questions for Jake Delhomme to answer on Panthers.com. If you have a question for Jake, make sure you go to her site and submit it by TOMORROW. Good work, Lori-Jo!

Todd Sauerbrun isn't an idiot. He knows he'll go somewhere when the Panthers release him, and he's going to get what he wants. Why cooperate with the Panthers?

We're setting up a new photo-blog area for our site. The past 3 years it's been in the PantherFreaks Gallery - now, we'll have the capability for you to upload your photos via cell phone or email. This will be the 4th year chronicled in our photo gallery. Hard to believe it's been that long since we started that gallery. Stay tuned for more information on how to participate.

A name that people haven't been talking about associated with the Panthers is former Seahawk LB Anthony Simmons. Simmons went to high school at Spartanburg High, and attended Clemson University. With the need at LB (if indeed the team keeps Davis at Safety), Simmons would be a great fit. Simmons has good burst, speed and reads plays well. When healthy, he's a solid linebacker that would only get better playing with the players the Panthers already have. I would not be surprised to see the Panthers make a run at him after June 1st.

Speaking of June 1st, there could be a couple of cap casualties this season. Todd Sauerbrun, if he's not traded in the next few weeks (which now seems unlikely), will be cut, freeing up some cap space, and other names like Brentson Buckner and Jeff Mitchell have crept up in some discussions due to their contract statuses. Another veteran, Mike Minter, has a high cap value and extension talks are seemingly ongoing. Coach Fox spoke as if Minter would be starting again this year when interviewed at Mini Camp, leading us to believe that he would not be a cap casualty this season.

We are putting together a Radio Show for this week. Look for more updates on the site as that becomes more concrete. It will not be streamed live, but you'll have an opportunity to download it and listen to it at your leisure.

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