Tuesday Tidbits III: Revenge of the Sith

So what are we going to talk about today? Can T-Whart hannle his biddness at left tackle? June 1st cuts, or lack thereof. Racing in Concord is finished! And of course, a pretty poorly done review of Star Wars III.

It's Tuesday… that means it's time for Tuesday Tidbits.

June 1st is tomorrow

I don't think the Panthers make any moves, unless there is someone out there that they think will improve their team considerably. I don't think there will be, however. I don't expect the Panthers to cut anyone, however, they might bring in another WR if the right one is available.

June 1st is tomorrow pt II - attack of the clones

Which also means Summer School starts at Bank of America Stadium. It'll be interesting to see if they start the Thomas Davis transition to Linebacker now or at training camp. My bet is they start now.

Feeling kinda queasy about T-Whart

Last year at Fan Fest, the second team offense went against the first team defense in a controlled scrimmage. Mike Rucker absolutely ATE up Travelle Wharton (whom I have nicknamed "T-Whart") who was playing Left Tackle.

Now it was his first couple weeks in the NFL, and he was going against one of the better pass-rushers in the league in Mike Rucker, but let's hope he has improved drastically from that point. He played well, but playing Guard and playing Tackle are two different beasts. I asked Mike Wahle to explain the differences. "The difference between guard and tackle is that at tackle your responsibility varies greatly from play to play, while at guard, you're always banging," Wahle said. "You're going to have contact every play. That's the part I like. You get to run around a lot. You're always in the mix and fighting those big guys. But at tackle, especially left tackle, you have to worry about a guy who is probably the other team's best athlete getting to your quarterback. Very often, you're not going to have any help. It's a pressure cooker situation. You have to have very good technique to play at left tackle."

Travelle Wharton will definitely be on my "watch list" come July 30th. I hope he can handle LT.

Gitting ‘Er Done

So the Races are finished and all the traveling NASCAR carnies have packed up and moved their show somewhere else. Now, I know their presence does a lot for my community, but man it makes life hell for two weekends in a row, especially if you live as close to the racetrack as I do. I like the money, but I don't like the hassle. I'm glad it's over with.

Movie of the Week

Star Wars. We were able to get out during the week last week, the wife is feeling better, and my sister is getting some "mommy training" as they plan on starting a family in the near future… so we skedaddled over to the Mills and checked a late afternoon showing of Star Wars III: the search for Spock… no wait, Star Wars III, that was the one where Richard Pryor makes a video game and Superman had to fight evil Superman and… Seriously, the "last" Star Wars was visually stunning, but left a lot to be desired story-wise. I'm not going to "ruin" it with the details for those 3 of you that haven't seen it yet. I like the basic premise of the story, which we've known since about 1975 or so, but the way they wrapped it together was kind of "eh" inspiring. The visuals no doubt were some of the best EVER created, but Lucas won't win any dialogue awards with this movie. "No, I love YOU more," says Anakin… "No, I love YOU more," says Padme.


Reminds me of a John Fox interview. It is what it is. You know what he's gonna say before he says it almost. I don't know why they don't just get a robot and select a random quote to play when reporters ask him a question.

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