Jones catching on as blocking TE

The Panthers are trying to convert Freddie Jones into more of a blocking tight end. How's it going?

"He's doing well," Panthers head coach John Fox said. "It's hard to evaluate without pads, so I think we will have a little more critical evaluation when we get to camp, but tight ends coach Dave Magazu does an outstanding job of teaching the fundamentals of blocking. They drill that a lot. There are a lot of techniques involved. In some cases, blocking might not have been an emphasis for guys in their careers. It is an emphasis here.

"He's got the physical tools to do it, the size, the arm length and the athleticism. Now it's just a matter of learning the techniques. We'll be able to better evaluate that when we get in pads."

The Panthers haven't typically thrown much to their tight ends since the arrival of offensive coordinator Dan Henning.

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