Tuesday Tidbits: July 5th

Another installment of the column that nobody reads. This week, Evan Mathis, Those Wacky Saints, the death of C-SET, promises made by companies and of course, the Movie of the Week.

Evan Mathis
Third-round draft pick Evan Mathis is the nephew of former Miami Dolphins player Bob Baumhower, a member of the "Killer Bees."

"He has always been my role model," Mathis said. "As a little kid I got to watch him play for the Dolphins. He installed that football mentality in my blood. Going through high school he was a great supporter of me."

The decision to draft Mathis could mean the end is near for Bruce Nelson, a former second-round draft pick who has struggled with degenerative hip problems.

The Death of C-SET
Many Sports Fans in the Charlotte area applauded the decision to pull the plug on C-SET – Carolina's Sports and Entertainment Television. Why? Because hardly anyone had access to it and it lost an absurd amount of money in just it's first 6 months of operation. Although a few people lost their jobs, and that is never cool, shutting down the failed station was the right move to make. It hindered rather than helped the bobcats, and it caused many would-be fans to ignore the new NBA team altogether. Now the bobcats will be shown on the Basic level of cable on Time Warner, which will available to more fans.

Those Wacky Saints
The New Orleans Saints traded up three spots in the first round to No. 13 to get ahead of Carolina because they apparently thought the Panthers were going to select Oklahoma offensive tackle Jammal Brown with the 14th pick.

However, Panthers general manager Marty Hurney indicated the team had no intention of taking Brown over Thomas Davis.

"Thomas Davis has been one of our top guys all along, and again, we say it every year but this is a case of choosing the best football player available in our minds," Hurney said. "It was an easy choice."

The deal cost the Saints a third-round pick in 2006.

I hate when you sign up or purchase things that have special promotions, and then you have to wait for an extended period of time to get the special promotion. For example, I pre-ordered Madden 2006 for X-Box this weekend because it promised a free Fantasy Football league via EASports.com as an added bonus for pre-ordering. I didn't get the code via email upon purchase, so I submitted a support ticket to their customer service. Their customer service wrote me back and told me to wait 10-15 days for the code. What? Is that due to shipping? No. Is that do to the product being out of stock? No. So why must I wait 10-15 days for the code? How about I get my products, I play with them for 2 weeks, then I decide to pay you?

Movie of the Week
Passion of the Christ. I saw it for the first time this weekend. It was definitely the bloodiest movie I've ever seen, but it had to be that way to show you just exactly what Jesus went through during the last day of his life. Excellent direction by Mel Gibson, and the sets, costumes and speech were authentic. Definitely recommended to those over 15 who can stomach the blood and the message within the movie – Christian or not.

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