Tuesday Tidbits: July 12

Another installment of the column nobody reads. This week: More Cowbell, Keary Colbert produces, Peppers shows he's not 1 dimensional, The Movie of the week and the introduction of the Funky Premonition of the Week.

Stretching the Field
Panthers wide receiver Keary Colbert was second in the NFC last season in yards per reception, averaging 16 yards per catch.

More Cowbell... well, sorta
Four people were injured on Monday's installment of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Monday was the fifth day of the internationally renowned festival, which lasts through July 14. Thirteen people have been killed in the festival since 1924.

Training Camp Update
Training Camp starts in 18 days. We will have tons of pictures and notes of the first day of practice.

Funky Premonition of the Week
Like all fans, I have these funky Panther Premonitions. I don't claim to be a soothsayer or some kind of elvish prince or anything, nor do I cut my hand, drip blood on a leaf and some hair and make a concoction of some sort to see the future. These are just things I could see happening...

Eric Shelton will lead the Panthers in rushing touchdowns for the 2005 season. Shelton is a big, bullish back who excels in the short yardage game. I think it will be easier to run into the endzone for us this year than throw into the end zone, and thus, Shelton will lead the team in rushing touchdowns.

Peppers gets his schwerve on
Julius Peppers had 203 combined return yards last season, second only to Baltimore's Ed Reed.

Oh Danny Boy
As most Panther fans know by now, Dan Morgan is in the final year of his initial contract and will be an unrestricted free agent. Stan Olson of the Charlotte Observer reports that Morgan's agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Panthers front office are in talks, but that they are "pretty far apart" in terms of what The Panthers think Morgan is worth and what Rosenhaus wants per season. Morgan won't hold out, but we could be seeing the last season of Morgan as a Panther.

No Soup for You!
The Panthers had 29 takeaways in the final seven games last season. In fact, according to buccaneers.com, since coming into the league in 1995, the Panthers lead the league with 330 total takeaways.

Movie of the Week
I didn't have a dearth of free time this week, and thus I only watched two movies: The Craft, about 4 teenage witches who seek revenge on society and then each other, and the James Bond flick The World is Not Enough. Neither was noteworthy, but I'm forced to select one, so with the first pick in the Movie of the Week Draft, PantherInsider.com selects, The World is Not Enough.

Pierce Brosnan is a decent 007, better than Timothy Dalton anyhow (who has fallen off the face of the Earth), and the storyline was at least interesting enough to keep me entertained. Denise Richards, Sophie Marceau and that creepy guy from Ravenous (Robert Carlyle) was in it, so every time I see that guy I think of how creepy he was in Ravenous and I lose focus of what he's doing in the film he's currently in. The same guy played a very convincing Hitler in the made for TV Movie Hitler: the Rise of Evil in 2003. On the whole, it gets a 2.5 out of 5 for being an average movie, especially when shown on network TV and all the juicy stuff is cut out.

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