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If you haven't jumped on the RSS bandwagon, you will soon. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is the next big thing in information delivery. PantherInsider.com has the best set-up in the business, allowing you to get your information fast, easy and when you want it.

Remember when email first became prevalent? You could email friends and family messages, photos, nearly anything from your computer. Then, spam took over email inboxes around the world, and caused many different problems. Viruses, let's not forget those nasty buggers, are another reason why email is becoming more and more outdated. Have you even had a problem with someone not getting an email message? Sometimes spam filters catch emails that are legitimate as well, causing the recipient to not receive it.

Enter RSS. RSS or XML, whenever you see that little orange button on sites, that means that there is a regularly updated document of news and links that you can subscribe to, free of charge (although the content on the other end of them may not be), 100% spam free (we'll get to that in a minute), and on-demand. Because YOU subscribe to the feed, (think of it like a TV Channel), you decide if you want to keep the feed or not. Feeds are aggregated (much like a farmer reaps his crops) with either a desktop feed reader like or an online feed reader like Yahoo's My Yahoo. You can set intervals to check feeds, or manually check them yourself, much like email.

Once you aggregate a feed, you'll get lists of the latest headlines from that particular feed. Most of the time, you'll get a link to the full article and a snippet. Click on those that interest you, pass on the ones that don't. Recently, some places have started inserting ads into their feeds. It's really not that unexpected, as RSS is replacing traditional browsing of the internet. The good part though, is that you get the info you care about delivered to you, without spam.

Now that we know what RSS is, how to use them and what to use them with, how does this pertain to PantherInsider.com? PantherInsider.com and all of the other affiliates on Scout.com offer feeds for the latest news posted on the site, so you'll be updated when the site is updated. However, the coolest RSS feature the network offers is a RSS Feed for EVERY SINGLE NFL PLAYER. That's right, we have a separate feed for every player in the NFL. This comes especially handy for Fantasy Football nuts. Ideally, you would subscribe to the feeds of the players you have on your team, keeping up with injury statuses and breaking news regarding that player, without having to login to some other site or scurry to scour the web for news regarding your players 10 minutes till your roster locks for the week. Forget hunting for information – Scout.com brings it to YOU!

The link for the PantherInsider.com RSS Feed is http://rss.scout.com/rss.aspx?&nid=119&referrerid=3652 - plug that into your RSS Reader and it'll pluck the latest Panthers news from our site and our affiliates.

To access the Panthers individual player RSS feeds, visit http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=123&p=8&c=2&nid=119&csid=null&yr=2005 and select the player you want to track via RSS. For example, Thomas Davis' roster page is located at http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=123&p=8&c=1&yr=2005&nid=1879135 . Once there, you'll see an orange RSS button near the top right of the bio area. Click on the link, and it'll show you the link for Thomas Davis' RSS feed ( Click Here for example ). Putting that URL in your RSS reader means you get every update we or anyone else on our network publishes about Thomas Davis.

If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please visit our forum for support here .

Beat the competition and impress your friends with the latest Panthers knowledge using PantherInsider.com's RSS / XML Syndication!

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