Tuesday Tidbits: July 26th Edition

Another installment of the column that nobody reads or cares about. This week, we talk about camp, heat and Warren Beatty!

Players start reporting on Friday. Man, I thought this season would never get here.

We're heading down to camp on Saturday. Should be a great time had by all. It's supposed to be around 85, clear, and football is here. Can't ask for more, really.

We should have some audio updates on our blog throughout the day. We will have some photos at some point. If you'd like to help take photos and upload them (and you don't have to be a genius because I've made it super easy) then contact me at pantherinsider@gmail.com . We'd love to host your photos for you in a huge collection of Panthers fan photos… we've been doing it for years! Check out our Flickr page located at Flickr -- only a fraction of them are online right now, we're adding more all the time. 100% fan photos.

Mathis Signs
The Panthers officially signed Evan Mathis yesterday. I'm glad he'll be in camp. He was a real down to earth guy when we talked to him a few months ago, and he's all about business on the football field. I think he is going to be a great Panther for years to come.

Is it hot enough outside? I mean seriously, you walk outside and it's about as hot as your oven feels when taking the then-cooked, frozen, store-bought pizza out.

Mmm. Pizza.

How is it that you sweat just walking mere feet from the building where you work to the car? I park maybe 50 feet away from the door. I sweat, just walking to my car in the afternoon. How crazy is that? Should I take one of those runners' squirt bottles with me to keep hydrated? Do I go Michael Jackson style and get a little umbrella? Seriously, I'm afraid I'm going to melt like a salted slug out there on the way to the car… and once you get to the car, it's about 500 degrees in there. You got to turn up the air full blast (which is hot for a bit), roll down the windows, and just endure the heat. Geez, the humidity is enough to strangle you by itself. 115 today in Charlotte and it's suburbs. 115 heat index. Since when did we trade Charlotte for Arizona? I must have missed that Memo. I'm going to have to call Lumberg and get another copy.

Will Davis, Shelton, Ellison and LeFors be there on Saturday?
Last year, we didn't get to see Chris Gamble on our maiden voyage to Camp on the first Saturday. Kind of disappointing. I'm wondering if we'll get to see any of the yet-to-be-signed rookies there on Saturday. I hope so. I'm really intrigued to see where Davis takes the bulk of the reps. However, my Funky Premonition of the Week is that Davis and Shelton will not be there on Saturday.

PantherInsider.com Fan Game
If you didn't know, our board Administrator Eddie "Catzilla" Quinn has set up a semi-full contact flag football game at Wofford on Saturday, after the first practice. If you want to participate, you must sign a waiver, but it's a good way to meet people and have fun at the same time. For more information, see This Thread on our board.

Movie of the Week
Let's see… I'm trying to remember what I saw last week.

I did watch Heaven Can Wait, starring Warren Beatty. If you haven't seen this movie, then you must be either under 25 years old or just oblivious to the entertainment world.

Beatty is a backup QB with the LA Rams who finally is going to get his shot at starting. His team is doing well, and they are on the way to the superbowl. The day he's named the starter, he's hit by a tuck in a tunnel and prematurely taken to Heaven.

Once there, they realize the mistake (it wasn't his time to go), and they put him in the body of a rich man named Farnsworth. As Farnsworth, he makes some ecologically important business decisions, falls in love with a woman, and then buys the Rams. However, his stint as Farnsworth is short lived (no pun intended), and he is then put in another body to finish out his time on Earth.

It's a decent movie, but don't watch it while you take Tylenol sinus like I did or else you'll fall asleep during it. 2 out of 5 stars… mostly for the football.

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