Panther Fan Fix: Monday Camp Report

Not able to make it to camp? Never fear - we've got Panthers fan Ty Spearman on the scene in Spartanburg, bringing you the latest Panthers Fan Fix.

Monday Panthers Training Camp Fan Observations

by Ty Spearman

Jake looked very good today. Jake has a knack for finding the open man. I really look for him to break out even more this year. So far he has looked pretty good at camp.

Our running back situation looks pretty good, too. Foster has looked pretty good. However, it seems as though he does not want to take a "lick" during drills(which is understandable). I'm here to tell ya...the guy is just plain fast. If he stays healthy and our O-line continues to open up out!!! The addition of Shelton will only make us better throughout the year. He was the jewel in the ruff to find. Jamal Robertson also has flashes of being pretty good. So far he has impressed me.

The bad news is...Ricky Manning seemed to be having problems guarding anyone. I witnessed this morning him being beat on more than one occasion. IMO, Manning is a very physical CB. When the league changed the rules, Manning was not quite as effective. And that has shown in practice.

The starting LB's seems to be Short, Morgan and Spoon, (as if that was a surprise). All of which have looked good. In fact, our entire LB core looks great. I have no problems with the 2nd and 3rd string LBs. We are very deep at those positions.

I did notice a few posts on the message board about Drew Carter. This morning I thought Carter looked pretty good. Is he a physical receiver? No. Can he run like Seabuscuit...yes. If Carter and Smith are on the field at one time, look for the deep ball. But the question is, will he make the cut? IMO..50/50 chance.

Peppers...will be double teamed the entire season. He is the best in the league bar none. I would venture to say not a single O-lineman can block him alone in the league.

WR's that have impressed other than the ones we already know about...

Efrem Hill
J.R. Tolver

Those who may be cut at WR position:
Lira Hugo(Mexican Player)
Taylor Stubblefield
Aaron Boone
Antoine Burns
Micah Ross

Gains(TE) is still catching everything thrown to him. Look for him this year!!!

Do not look for our Punters to be anywhere near as good as Todd. No comparison....

- a note for next year if anyone cares. If Morgan is not resigned next year...I think Vinny can fill his shoes just fine.

General observation: This camp seems to have a lot of guys giving high fives...nice pats on the shoulders...everyone seems to be focused on one goal - to get better. I do not see any clowning around or guys getting mad at one another. I see guys readying themselves for a run at the Superbowl, which I think is reachable.

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