Tuesday Tidbits: August 2nd Edition

Another installment of the column that nobody reads or cares about. This week, we talk about training camp notes mainly, retiring #51, The Ticket Presale fiasco and of course, the Movie Review of the week.

Training Camp
It was nice to get out and see some live football again, even if it was practice. Seeing the prospects of this season, one can't help to be excited. Some of my observations and thoughts… note, this isn't to be taken as FACT, it's just my perception of reality…

1. Nick Goings – am I the only one that thinks Nick Goings is getting a raw deal? Why isn't he the starter? When he started at RB, we won most of the games. Goings isn't flashy, he isn't brash, and he isn't causing trouble – he just goes out and hannles biddness. On Saturday, Goings ran well, he caught well… he did everything well. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the idea of him getting a lot of carries this season, he's one of Fox's favorite players, and he came through big time last year when they called his name.

2. John Kasay – how many more years can he continue kicking? He still looks solid.

3. Efrem Hill – The staff is giving this guy every opportunity to make the team. He's shining in drills and they've put in the punt returner rotation. People observing camp are talking him up… I can't wait to see him in live action.

4. This running back stable might be the best the Panthers have ever seen… even without Stephen Davis. Foster, Goings and Shelton all look like they could handle being the starter.

5. What was an area of concern, WR, is now an area of strength. There are 4 WRs that are solid, and a few more that have looked good in camp. The Panthers offense should be stout this year, even with injuries.

All of the Panthers regular season games are officially sold out. That isn't surprising, but what is surprising is that ticketmaster rejected 836 accounts resulting in 5000 tickets that "bought" tickets during the PSL Presale. According to the rules of the presale, each PSL owner could buy 4 tickets to 4 games. Passwords got out on the internet, people made purchases, and the rules were broken, resulting in people getting left out in the cold with their now worthless ticket requests.

In the interest of fairness, it seems that the panthers have chosen to anger the one segment of society that cares about their games – the people that want to buy tickets that don't already have tickets. It seems to me that if you already have PSLs, then you really wouldn't need to buy more tickets… right? To me, that just seems like common sense. That being said, why even have the right to "purchase tickets before the general public" as a perk for season ticket holders? Why not just release all the tickets at the same time? It'll save the Panthers trouble and won't anger anyone.

Retiring #51, but at the right time?
The Panthers are retiring Sam Mills' #51, but during halftime of the Panthers vs. Redskins Preseason game on the 13th. Why? Why not wait till week 1, when the Saints (the team Mills played for before coming to the Panthers) roll into town?

The only explanations I can think of are that 1) they don't want a game of any kind to go by without honoring Sam Mills, and 2) The Saints/Panthers game is on 9/11 and they have something more special planned in remembrance of the terrorist attacks. I can understand that, but really, I think retiring the Jersey against the Saints is the right thing to do. It just feels right.

Funky Premonition of the Week
The vibe I'm getting is that Foster won't be back after the 2005 season, and that they will have Shelton be the feature back in 2006. That's the gut feeling I have at this point. Shelton has looked really good so far since camp started.

Movie of the Week
I don't think I watched any movies at all last week, which is rare. Normally I'll catch at least one on TBS or TNT, but this week we had a lot of stuff going on, so I'm going back into the personal vault and picking one from there.

I've referenced this movie a few times in past TT:MOTW segments, as it's a movie that has stuck with me because of it's sheer creepiness: Ravenous.

Starring Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle and the forgettable David Arquette (star of such films as Muppets From Space, See Spot Run and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D ), Ravenous is a movie set in 1847, right after the Mexican-American war in the Sierra Nevadas. A soldier is promoted to Captain of a remote outpost, when a stranger arrives to the fort with frostbite, telling of his party and how they need rescuing after succumbing to the weather (it's winter) and living in a cave not too far from the fort. The soldiers set out to find and rescue the party, only to find that they've become victims of vampirism/cannibalism. I won't spoil the movie for you, but it's definitely got some eerie parts that will be scorched into your brain. It's not a movie for kids – I wouldn't let my kids watch this at all. Firmly a R movie that has a great deal of blood and violence in it. It's not a great movie by any stretch, but it has it's moments, and particularly the performance of Robert Carlyle is very memorable. 1.5 stars out of 5.

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