You know you are a Panther fan when...

Some people profess to be Panthers fans, but how can one really be certain? Use this list to see if you are a "Real Panther Fan".

If you refer to Treasure Trolls as having "CATMAN" hair.

If the name Vick makes you instantly "hulk" angry.

You know the difference between HOOOOOOV, MOOOOOOOSE and just booing someone.

You still hated Dan Henning even when they had a scoring bonanza in the Super Bowl because "he was too conservative in the first half".

The names Stuessie and Willig describe matadors.

The name "Seifert" is the most cursed word next to "Vick".

You can still do the "Fred Lane Altogether" dance, sans crotch-grab, but with the worm.

You would vote for Steve Beuerlein for Governor if he ran.. only if Richard Petty or Ric Flair didn't run against him.

You constantly quote Eugene Robinson in your everyday vernacular - ie. "Hannle yo biddness", and "He's a straight up BEAS".

You can do the Wesley Walls "shotgun" endzone better than anyone else.

You can actually pronounce and spell Tshimanga Biakabutuka.

You were psyched that the Panthers got Frank Reich and Barry Foster.

You still think that Anthony Johnson invented the tinted helmet visor.

You have some early panthers gear where the blue color is regular blue and not Electric Blue.

You know a PSL owner who never goes to the games.

You know more people by their internet handle name and have actually called them that to their face rather than their real names.

You remember when there was an uproar over not being able to take your shirt off inside the stadium.

You remember how good a player Paul Butcher was.

You think Dameyune Craig could come in and start right now.

You remember that some people actually wanted Steve Spurrier over some no named coach named Fox.

You thought that Jeff Lewis was the 2nd coming of Elway.

You feel you are getting "the steal of the draft" any time you draft a Panther on your fantasy team.

You still think of Bill Rosinski as the "voice of the panthers".

You feel the national media disses the Panthers every Year.

You were more angry Rosinski was gone than Moose.

You still think Kevin Greene could suit it up and bring it.

You thought that Sean Gilbert was going to be the man.

When someone says "Carolina" - you think Panthers instead of Tarheels or Gamecocks.

You were amused at the feud that occurred between your punter and the other team's kicker.

You still call Bank of America Stadium "ericsson stadium".

You wanted to drive down to Tampa and kick somebody's butt when Pittman went down.

You agreed with everything the Carolina Prowler said when he called out Tampa over the PA system.

You wanted to cut Steve Smith after he beat Anthony Bright in the film room.

Your team has the only QB that would name a horse based on a running back's nickname.

You "Woooooo" when Ric Flair comes on the Panthervision screens, and When opposing fans brag about their championship rings, you remind them that Ric Flair is the 16 time world champion, (according to

You remember Sir Purr's scratching post, and you know that the Panthers "fan of the game" is a joke.

You get into a fight over who's more obnoxious - Philly, Atlanta or Tampa fans.

Mike Miller contributed to this article

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