Tuesday Tidbits: August 9th

This Saturday night, The Panthers and Redskins will meet on the field at Bank of America Stadium, to settle the yearly battle of the 3rd and 4th string NFL stars! Doesn't that excite you? Yeah... me too. I hate to say it, but I am excited about a preseason game. I'm excited to see Stefan LeFors and Aaron Boone torch some Redskins that probably won't be on the team in two weeks.

I'm excited to see Thomas Davis finally lay some wood to some unsuspecting chump wearing burgundy and gold.

I'm excited to see the Weinke fans come out of the woodworks and profess that he, in fact, is the savior of the Carolina Panthers, and that we've all been wrong about him

It's football season, dang-it... and I'm excited.

The Injury Bug Bites
Keary Colbert, Mike Minter, Chris Draft, Ken Lucas, Tupe Peko and Mike Seidman all missed camp time this week. Although none are considered serious at this point, as a panther fan, you think "man, it can't get worse than it did last year. They owe us some kind of karma points or something for putting up with that last season." Let's all hope the Panthers don't suffer any MAJOR injuries this season. Shoo bug, don't bother me!

Oh yeah, can't forget Stephen Davis... but it seems I readily do when I think about the future of the team.

Peppers 2005 DPOY?
"I'm trying to get it, but it's not something I will pay a lot of attention to. I want to be the best defensive player, but the awards and things, if they come, then fine. But I know that if I have the respect of my coaches and teammates and friends around the league, then that's really what it's all about." -- Panthers DE Julius Peppers on if he thinks he can win NFL Defensive Player of the Year this season.

Fantasy Football Overload
I'm nearing fantasy football overload, as I'm in at least 10 teams this year. I think that might be too many to effectively manage. Perhaps the law of averages will allow me to win one of them. I can dream.

Funky Premonition of the week
I have a feeling that LeFors will light up the Redskins and will be the talk of the town come Monday. People will be ready to anoint him king for his performance in this highly important meaningless game.

Movie of the Week
This week, we watched Point Break, again, Starring Keanu Reeves, (whoa!), and Patrick Swayze. Reeves plays ex QB Johnny Utah, an FBI agent who has to learn to surf in order to fit in with a group of surfers/bank robbers who wear masks of ex presidents. The movie might have been decent if not for the huge plot holes and the horrible acting by Reeves, who was simply brutal in this film. Not really worth seeing. 1 out of 5 stars, only because his name was Johnny Utah.

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