Giants pay the price for down-playing Peppers

The Giants paid the price when they tried to block Julius Peppers one-on-one in the second quarter. Peppers blew by the Giants starting right tackle with an inside bull rush and batted the ball away from quarterback Eli Manning before picking it up and rambling 29 yards for a touchdown.

"I started laughing because they singled him up and you know something bad is going to happen when you do that," Minter said. "He beat the guy bad. But that's what you would expect when they try to block Julius with one man. You just don't do that. You don't do that."

Peppers scored two touchdowns for the Panthers last year and clearly he hasn't lost his knack for the big play.

"I have been double-teamed more this preseason," Peppers said. "But this season they are going to have to pick their poison with the defense we have because you can't double up all of us. They are going to have to give up something. And when I'm left alone like that I have to make plays."

Peppers said after the game he felt like he played "decent" but could have done better, especially against the run.

"I think if everyone looks at the game they will remember the fumble recovery," he said. "But there were other things I didn't do as well as I should have, things I still need to clean up."

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