Thomas: Buyer Beware; No money back guarantee

Does someone have the tracking number? That playoff / super bowl team hasn't arrived yet, and I'd just like to check the status. Or has it even been sent yet? I'm just asking, well, you know, because when something is expected and doesn't show up, you start wondering where the problem is.

Maybe they are "lost in transit". Maybe they haven't left the terminal yet. Gosh, man, I lost the receipt, but Jerry Richardson has a copy of it if you want to see how much we paid for it.

On another note, can we petition the NFL to eliminate 3rds downs? Since the Panthers haven't been able to play 3rd down defense in about 3 years, it might be easier to get the NFL to eliminate them instead of fixing the problem. I'm just saying, you know, because three years having the same problem is a long time.

Game Update: Ernie Conwell just caught another pass for 10 yards on 3rd down right down the left hash mark.

Get used to it, Panther fans, because things aren't going to get better.

Oh, did you buy the hype? I know it was in that nice packaging right there at the impulse buy section at the checkout, and it was cheap, so you figured, "hey, why not?", but you really should have noted that it was flimsy, made of cardboard, and was only good for one use. It said so on the back.

So now everyone is selling cheap hype, but left you with a customer support number in India that deters you from calling… so you don't. You can't return it, you already used it. They won't take it back. They're just sitting back, counting the money you spent and laughing. What an idiot… you bought the hype.

What is sad is that it looks like the Panthers bought the hype too. I don't know, maybe they ran out of gas. There was a gas shortage, and it has been expensive… with all the hype buying, it leaves little money left for gas, and it was evident looking on the field yesterday as the final seconds started ticking off, that there was a lot of hype, and little gas.

"It is what it is", Coach Fox says, nearly daily. Well coach, what is it? It smells pretty badly and I think it's poop. I'm not sure, checking the consistency with a stick, it looks like it came from a cow, maybe a bull.

You wouldn't be trying to sell that to us too, would you coach? We're all stocked up presently. I'm ready to buy, but I want to see something worth buying.

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