Colbert's production must increase

The Carolina Panthers tried to get the ball to wide receiver Keary Colbert on Sunday without much luck. Sure, Colbert did draw two pass interference penalties resulting in first downs, but still finished with no receptions, keeping him at two catches for 11 yards for the season. Panthers coach John Fox still believes too much is being made of Colbert's lack of contribution to the passing game, but the fact is for a starting receiver to have two catches after three weeks is a joke.

Jake Delhomme threw to Colbert six times on Sunday, and bad things happened on all but the two pass interference calls.

Three throws to Colbert resulted in incompletions -- one where Delhomme's throw hit the field judge, another that Colbert dropped and yet another that he caught near the sidelines but wasn't able to keep his feet in bounds. And the final throw to Colbert resulted in a Delhomme interception that set up Miami's game-winning field goal.

"We're trying to get Keary involved," Delhomme said. "That's the thing, we're trying. I don't know if Keary caught anything today, but he had a couple big penalties today where they (molested) him on the sidelines. That's catches in my book. They go down where he would have caught the ball. You can look at it like that."

Steve Smith got the bulk of the action for Carolina, finishing with 11 catches for 170 yards and three TDs. But Smith is going to need someone to take the pressure off him, and Colbert knows that.

"I mean, obviously, teams are going to do a lot of to try to stop him," Colbert said. "He's a great player. We have to be able to try to make the defense get out of that -- myself, Ricky (Proehl) and Rod (Gardner). We have to alleviate some of the coverages they do to stop him and make his job easier."

The Panthers do have Rod Gardner on the bench, so they do have options in case they decide to replace Colbert and try to give the offense a spark.

However, the Panthers still like what Colbert brings to the table and that probably won't happen.

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