Upon Further Review - Oct 25

Writing an article in the bye week is about as difficult as watching every freakin' reality TV show with your wife. You really don't want to because there's very little you care about on TV but you know you're better off in the long run because it beats sleeping alone with the dog.

Now that we've gotten the obligatory first paragraph out of the way, we can discuss the topic at hand. You say there's nothing going on in the world of professional football that is directly related to the Panthers? Pish, I say to you! Unless you've been living underneath these people then you know there's a "ton" of news nuggets to go over. So maestro, hit my music please.

* The Panthers are playing the Vikings this week. Memo to all Minnesota Viking players who are planning on visiting the fair city of Charlotte, NC. There are several high quality establishments where you can go and relax after the game without having to bring in imports. Personally, I would suggest checking the Yellow Pages. Oh, and memo to those players wanting more water sports. Try the Catawba Queen. The Queen gives you an intimate ride on Lake Norman while you enjoy the local sites and sounds of the Carolina's finest. We promise not to tell anyone (wink wink).

* More Moore? – According to a source at Fantasysquad.net Melwelde Moore has become a productive back for the Vikes this year. Although the Vikings running game is ranked near the bottom in rushing, Moore adds that extra quickness out of the backfield that the Panthers need to take notice of. Moore reminds me a lot of DeShaun Foster. He's more of a scat-back type of running back that can break away long runs at any moment. He also gets hurt a lot. It'll be interesting to see how the Panthers scheme against both Moore and Culpepper.

* Speaking of Culpepper, has the curse of the lost Moss finally been broken? Culpepper has been hampered all season with bad knees. I had bad knees once, but then I just started doing what my wife wanted me to do and I didn't have to spend as much time on them begging for forgiveness. Funny how that works. Culpepper showed up last week in a winning cause against the Packers, throwing two touchdowns and rushing for 41 yards. It's amazing what a week of, some cortisone shots and a little boat ride can do for a man's confidence. Hmm – memo to self: Find out about boat rides to relieve bad knees. Hopefully Gamble will be back after being hobbled for several weeks with a bum ankle. Between he and Lucas, they should be able to hold off the Minnesota passing attack and force them to become one dimensional.

* Finally, is it me or are you also worried about Foster's "bone bruise". Here's the deal. Foster is in the final year of a contract and has been averaging 4.1 ypc. Davis has been sucking wind, running behind the lines and has obviously lost a step since returning from the micro fracture surgery. Either they are saving up Foster for the second half of the season or the "bone bruise" is worse off than we can imagine. I know the Panthers must be wrestling with themselves, trying to figure out what to do for next season. I have two words for ya: Jerome Bettis. Run Davis in the red zone and keep Foster in between the 20's. It's amazing how much better Jake Delhomme will become when this happens. But hey, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. And if I am, I'll take a short walk off a party boat in Minnesota.

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